Telkomgetting charged monthly, but had no line since june 2016

Reported faults since june 2016 for telephone number [protected]. Keeps on saying fault is restored when it is not. Ref nu & dates are as follows: 21/06/2016 268ctz210616, 26/07/2016 144ctz260716, 08/09/2016 274ctz080916, 21/12/2016 37ctz211216 fault still not resolves. Received notice to pay telkom r984-67 and that the service has been suspended. Cant get through on 10210, they cut you off not giving a option to talk to a consultant, same with 10219, [protected] and other number I got and called does not exist. If telkom go on their own records, they will state that all these ref numbers do exist, and that what I wrote here is true. Also that we hardly had made calls during the whole of 2016. Reason is phone line is always out of order. Please can someone help me as I have no success reaching someone to talk to. Selecting option 1-3 does not help if I cant talk to a real person.

Feb 01, 2017

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