Telkomfaulty line / no technician arriving on the premises

T Mar 08, 2017

I have a complaint regarding Telkom. I will below copy past the e-mail I have just sent to their escalations department regarding a Technician we are waiting to come to our premises to fix a fault on our ADSL line.
My current fault reference with them is 266CRK060317.

Good Day

I would urgently like to know when I can expect a Technician to attend to our fault.

I logged the fault on Monday morning, I received the above reference number and at 15h56 on Monday 6 March 2017 someone name Brandon called me from [protected] and advised that a Technician will be sent to the premises yesterday, 7 March 2017 as he could see there was a fault on the line.

I made arrangements for someone to be home the whole day yesterday, and nobody arrived. I tried phoning Brandon back on that number at 17h04 yesterday and the number was non-existent.
I then phoned Telkom at 17h30 yesterday, held on for over 40 minutes to then be told by someone that the Telkom system is OFFLINE and I must phone TELKOM back after 7pm and MAYBE they will be back online to assist. When I flatly refused due to the fact that I felt it wasn’t a client’s responsibility to phone back when YOUR system is offline, it started an argument and the call centre operator put the phone down on me.

I then approached social media, to which I received a response a few hours later saying they will ask an agent to phone me. I’m STILL WAITING!
So I took it upon myself this morning to phone the call centre again, and after holding for around half an hour I was told by Carol that there is no Technician allocated due to the fact there had not yet been any troubleshooting done on our line. I told her that I was advised it wasn’t necessary as they could pick up our ADSL line was syncing, but there was a problem on the line. I demanded to speak to a Supervisor, and spoke with Latoya who told me it was escalated and also confirmed that there was no Technician allocated.

This is absolutely impossible when Brandon obtained MY number from the fault on the system to phone ME! If there is an internal system problem where an outside person cannot log on the system – that is not my problem! We have taken off 2 days of work already to be home yesterday and again today. My boyfriend works for himself, but was supposed to be on a contract this week, and so far 2 out of 5 days he’s been at home waiting for a Telkom Technician who apparently wasn’t even allocated yet. This is literally taking food off our table now as we cannot keep taking off and sitting at home waiting for someone to decide to come through. So unless I continue to work overtime, which is interfering with my studies I’m already struggling to pay for, I’m going to struggle to meet our responsibilities at the end of March. Latoya told me someone will call to make an appointment. SOMEONE DID ON MONDAY – BRANDON! SO WHERE IS THE TECHNICIAN?

You have no idea how not working is affecting us financially right now! We have had to adjust in the loss of a salary but are bound by contracts and I’m having to work tremendous overtime trying to accommodate everything so to have the workers at the call centre be so nonchalant about my time and telling me to just phone back, or wait for the Technician is really impacting us right now.

I don’t get discount when there’s a break in the line, or if the line is faulty, I still get billed in full for the month (oh wait sorry – Latoya told me I can submit a request but that meant I had to take more time out of my day to do that so I refused). I am a full account paying client – actually my account is even in credit – and I’m being treated absolutely horrifically!! I really expect better service!

I urgently need to know when the Technician will be at the premises, if it’s not today one of us will have to take another day off and we cannot afford that!

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