Telkom / cancellation of contract

Westville Durban Kzn, ZA

I called I'm months ago to Telkom to try and find out when my cancellation date was and was told that I should go into the store on the 3rd of October. I had been to the store submitted the form and they told me someone will call me. On the 6th of October I called in to find out if they received the form and they said someone will call me in a few days. I called on the 10th and they said definitely someone will call me in a few days and confirmed my last debit was the 31st of October. On the 26th no one had still called so I called back and was told I should call the next Monday. I call on the 1st of November and was told that they didn't receive any cancellation form. After arguing with the lady and speaking to her manager I was asked to email the cancellation form for escalation and it will be cancelled by Weds. I followed up with emails and no response. I receive my invoice now and the contract has still not been cancelled. I call into the call centre and ask to be transferred to a manager and I'm right now waiting for 15 minutes on the line hoping someone will pick up on the other end. I have 4 contracts with you guys and I am really disappointed with the service received and to think I've been referring people to your company. Oh great, they just cut the call on me so I have to go through the whole process again. You guys are pathetic and I can't wait for all my contracts to end with you guys!!!

Nov 05, 2016

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