Telkombilling and debiting issues - exorbitant charges

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I have a Telkom mobile account. They charge me R200.94 if my payment is made a day late or when the debit order goes off on the last day of the month but don't show on their system by statement run, they charge you R200.94 again

On 28 February 2017 a debit order went off on my account for R349.00 (my monthly payment) this is all fine.
Then on the 1st March 2017 they launched another debit order which didn't go off as that account is only for my Telkom mobile debit order.
They then charge me R200.94 for a rejected debit order - after they already took the money from my account on the 28th Feb. (their statement clearly states that they received my money on the 28th Feb, and charge me R200.
94 on the 2nd March for rejection/back out.
I then contacted them and the supervisor then said I need to get a bank statement to proof to them that the money went off. (their statement clearly indicates that they got the money)
Then the following month their system wanted to deduct R349+R200.94 which is not my fault and obviously the debit order will reject, and I then pay them via EFT the following day (01/04) only the R349 and they then charged me again R200.94
When you contact them they either make silly statement not understanding the real issue
When I went to the bank I noticed that Telkom launches debit orders on your account up to 3 times in one month and every time the bank charges you for early debits/no funds and I have to pay this.
I then requested to cancel my debit order and will rather pay directly every month - and they refuse to cancel the debit order.
Their charges are not in line with other financial institutions. My monthly contract is R349.00, their late charges are R200.94 (57.6%) of my monthly contract fee...
They never get back to you once you complain about something
You just have to pay, pay, pay
Their conduct is unethical and ludicrous. By far the worst telecommunications company to deal with.

  • Updated by satyrkhat, Apr 21, 2017

    No response from them at all. They just ignoring me. I am at the point where they can actually take their phone back. I'll go with another service provider.

Apr 21, 2017
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  • Ka
      Apr 21, 2017

    I am having the exact same issue with the same dates you have stated and double debits happening and rejection fees. I have had no communication from them at all - have you had a resolution? I've come to this site to submit my complaint and see you are going through the exact same issue as me. So incredibly frustrating.

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  • Sa
      Apr 21, 2017

    @Katie de Beer No news from them at all

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  • Ad
      Apr 22, 2017

    I had the same experience with Telkom on the exact dates 28 Feb 2017, for the first time my debit order of R199 was rejected and was charged R200.94 as rejection fees. I still don't know how they come up with such a fee, it's pure ripp off. My bill was now R418. 44. I got no communication from them, just handed my account over to the debit collectors and switch off my data sim card. Total billing end of March was now R625. 94. To my surprise end of March they just debited R207. 50 not the full amount of R625. 94 so I had a balance of R418. 44 again. On April 13, I had now R625. 94 owing to Telkom. On that very day (13 April '17) Telkom went into my bank account and debited the total amount of R625.94, I don't know what would have happened if there wasn't enough money.This amount is inclusive of this month end installment which was not due according to the contract agreement, which was supposed to be due on the last day of the month. They acted very bad. Since that day my sim card is still disconnected, I contacted their call center which advised me to wait for seven solid days to be reconnected, and that my account is being handled by debit collectors. There is no love or customer care at all, we are being treated like criminals and taken for granted. ADAM

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  • Ra
      Apr 22, 2017

    omw Telkom is actually robbing us with out us noting. Spoke to a supervisor to get invoice dates changed still didn't happen. I wonder what they think of them as a big provider

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  • Th
      Jun 26, 2017

    My issue with Telkom is the reconnection fee for late payment. How do they justify in this age of non manual operations charging a client the amount of R226.00. Let me put it quite clearly. a quarter of a thousand Rand for a monthly usage of telephone calls totalling R 45.00,
    subscription services R299.03.
    usage /calls R45.00
    service fees R 226.00, ( reconnection fees), contracts R137.45.
    total R 707.84
    vat R99.10,
    interest R 8.47
    total. R 815.41.
    All of this just for the joy of having an internet connection

    I find this account skewed & outrageous. Anybody with a better suggestion
    I feel myself literally fleeced. June acc 2017

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