Telkomapplication for macbook

I sincerely hope someone can assist me with this situation as it is just getting ridiculous now.

We applied for a MacBook laptop from Telkom at the beginning of December, we still do not have the Laptop and we are not getting any feedback. The branch is unable to assist as they do not have stock and no direct contact with where ever the stock comes from, the head office is not assisting us and everyone at Telkom is now just ignoring my e-mails.

I have tried phoning every department, I have been e-mailing every possible person I could possibly e-mail. Telkom is not delivering any solution or proposal at this stage and I find it utterly disrespectful and unprofessional.

I believe it is false / bait advertising. I want a MacBook Pro as per the application which was approved or the next best thing before University starts. I want someone to get back to me with a concrete update. I am not prepared to just leave this issue...

The details are as follows:

Applicant: SP Williams
Contact: [protected]
Order nr: [protected]
Acc nr: [protected]

I have supporting correspondence to attach should it be necessary.

Thank you
A Pretorius

Feb 01, 2017

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