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Benoni, ZA
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My ADSL line was faulty almost the entire month of Nov 2016. As i was in hospital for the first week i could not report the fault. Contacted them on 7 November and the call center agent did something from their side and it worked for 12 hours. The very next day my ADSL was down again. Again I had to phone. After spending about 50min on the line with a consultant she was able to establish there is a problem with the ADSL. A call was logged ref 795CRK081116. After numerous calls and frustration one consultant mentioned i can get a sim card from a Telkom store which i can put in a router and use it in the meantime as this will connect to my current internet service. This did not work. Once again after many calls that i had to do from my cellphone as my landline is not working either. Again i went into the Telkom store for assistance. They only handed me a piece of paper saying to follow the instructions. This after standing and waiting to be served for almost 2hrs. i stood in the store and did as was told and still did not work. A different consultant came to me afterwards and tried to help me set up my phone as the hotspot with this sim, which still not work. Again i had to phone back on 15 Nov as matter still not resolved and eventually that day a technician arrived. He did not test anything. All he did was look at my router and said the lights are on so there is nothing he can do. Now i am not just a little upset. I phone the call center again while the technician is here. Now suddenly my devices is 'not talking to the router'. The router now needs to be taken into Telkom to be checked and if needed changed. By now my temper is boiling cause this is ridiculous. I go in to do this. They cant test but can plug in. They cant see anything wrong but will rather change it for me. Come home to do setup and guess what. MY ADSL IS STILLNOT WORKING!!! Again I phone in. Oh we have to log a new call to get a technician out. Ref 1264CRK161116. Again i have to phone daily to find out what is going on. On the 23rd I get told that my fault has been handed to a technician however as he has already been here the week before he wants someone coming with him. You can imagine how upset i am by now. They will send him a message to contact me and advise when he will be here. Of course I was never contacted. On the 24th was just the last. Again i phoned in and please remember i have to use my cellphone which is costing me money. The consultant really tried to get a supervisor on the line as well as the technician with no success but dont worry there is a commitment date for 30 November 2016 to come to my house. Now i through a tantrum as this is not acceptable at all. The consultant that assisted me assured me he has copied all the seniors in his request to have matter resolved. This was the first honest consultant i have spoken too. An hour later I had 2 technicians at my house to resolve matter with testing equipment and found the fault. Reginald and Edward from open server was able to fix the fault by replacing lines which could have been done by the first technician. What gets me is that Telkom is expecting full payment for a service i never received. What i want is for Telkom to reverse my fees for November 2016 as no service has been rendered by them. I had to drive up and down to Telkom and phone them from my cellphone as i could not use my landline. With that i would also like to say thank you to the last consultant i spoke to at the call center aswell as the technicians who came to fix my lines.

Nov 28, 2016

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