Telkom ADSL Internet / contract forfeiture fee

To whom it may concern
I was on a 24 month contract with Telkom for a 4 meg line and phoned Telkom on 2 March 2017 to upgrade to an 8 meg line.
The lady that helped me stated that they cannot upgrade the speed only on my existing contract.
They have to put me on a new contract to give me the upgrade speed I requested.
No mentioning of a Contract Forfeiture fee.
Today I got my account with an R746.28 Contract Forfeiture added on.
How can Telkom charge me for Contract Forfeiture if your system does not allow changing only the line speed on an existing contract.
I did not end my contract but you ended it to accommodate your inefficiency to allow the the change of line speed.
I wanted to become a better Telkom client by upgrading but now I am being punished for it.
The account still states that I am on month 13 from 24 months.
I was expecting a month 1 from 24 month if it was a new contract.
I would like to know if I am still on the old contract period or am I on a new 24 month period
If I am on the old 24 month period then why do I have to pay Contract Forfeiture amount.
If I am on a new contract why did I not receive my new router as everybody at Telkom stated.
Your help in this regard would be appreciated
Werner Toerien

Mar 24, 2017

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