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Telebrands / Scam charges

1 United States Review updated:

Ordered Pedi-Paws and nowhere are you able to edit or cancel your order. Order was supposed to be for 2 Pedi-Paws totalling $40.00 and when order was finished the total was $103.95. Was not able to edit or cancel the order on line. After, phoning the company, I was told I had to wait 2 days for the updating of their computer. After, 2 days I called and they told me they were cancellating my order and I would receive a credit on my credit card. My credit card is still showing the $103.95 charge. I have not been reimbursed.

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  • Lo
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I wanted to buy the jupiter jack, so I did it on line, they offer another for free, but at the end they charge for it, you can't cancel or go back. I called the number they give you on the web page and you can't get anybody to answer, and when you do they, tell you that they can't faind you in the system so wait 2 days to call again, but nobody answers the phone, you get the same voice telling you every 5 sec that the "specialists" are busy at that momen, please wait...NO COSTUMER SERVICE IN THIS CRAPPY COMPANY
    it's a SCAM, DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

  • Su
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    OMG same thing happened to me. ###ing ###s. it's a god-awful recorded schpeal so you can ask no questions. the thing they said you've just promised to buy is... hey wait... no it wasn't... that's not what the offer billy mays was just talking about on can't get an operator because it's a ###ing recording. so you wait patiently for an option to change/edit your order or cancel it. yeah... that never comes. instead you get another 20 minutes of: "if you were interested in the jupiter jack, you may be interested in these OTHER fine products... one of them was an amethyst bracelet/necklace set"... now what the ### does that have to do with cell phone electronics!!!??! but they already have your debit card. no way to cancel. so i call every day for a week. no record of order, no record of order. when i get someone they say they can cancel it, they'll put in an request with corporate. then 2 days later BAM: they've yanked 53.95 out of my bank account. the price of 2 jupiter jacks + 2 shipping & handlings. the offer was buy one, get one free, just pay for shipping and handling for both. so can every 2nd grader out there do the math with me? 19.99 + 6.99 + 6.99= 33.97. you call them. sorry. it's already shipped. they'll get it rectified. they're so sorry. ... weeks later...heard nothing yet. i will NEVER BUY INFOMERCIAL AGAIN. please, if you want something.. eventually it will end up in the stores. just be patient. i've learned my lesson

  • It
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    From my own experience (See my post: Telebrands Perfect Button) and other posts it seems the best thing to do is avoid Telebrands like the plague.

    In the meantime, everyone should contact your Attorney General and file an online complaint.

    I am doing so here in California. At the minimum Telebrands is violating our Business and Professions Code Section 17200, et seq. for its unfair business practices.

    It's unfair:

    To take one's credit card number first thing, BEFORE one has ordered items.

    To NOT have a "review order" process and a "confirm order" process.

    To not tell a shopper anywhere that once they have your credit card number that AFTER that you are placing an order each time you click "add this" or "yes" to an offered item.

    To NOT have any way to change or edit an order.

    To NOT have a way to contact customer service immediately, at the time that people are placing orders. (If they take orders on weekends or after 5:00 p.m. they need to be on duty to field inquiries.

    And from all the complaints I see, to refuse to honor refunds and making it difficult to get one's money back.

    To have a site set up in a way that is different from 99.9% of what other online businesses have, and a site different than what people are used to.

    Here is where I am complaining, check for your AG's site.

  • Go
      7th of Sep, 2010
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    With all of the references to complaints and rip-offs available on the internet, I suggest that all consumers, especially for online purchases, need to check the web for background on these companies before they make the purchases...

    I agree that most people don't realize that they can get help by writing a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (misleading fraudulent business practices), the Federal Communications Commission (regarding telecommunications issues), their credit card company and their states Attorney General (AG) for assistance with these types of rip-offs of the consumer...

  • Bs
      18th of Sep, 2010
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    Why do we have to do all this? Don't we all pay taxes that fund the FTC, the FCC and the AG so they can protect us from this kind of crap? Hmmm, maybe they are getting a cut from the company...

  • Sc
      7th of Nov, 2010
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    I wish that I had been smart enough to check this site before I stupidly tried to order some Crazy Critter toy for my dog. Same exact story as most of you - the website is set up so that your order gets placed to your credit card before you have a chance to review and make any changes. When I saw the total i nearly died! Of course this was done on a weekend so I couldn't actually speak to anyone until Monday. Then they stalled me saying they didnt see anything yet. Finally I got an email confirmation which I immediately responded to trying to cancel my order. Of course, no such luck. Then when the thing got delivered I got a refusal number, wrote it all over the unopened package and brought it to the post office to be returned to sender. That was in May 2010. It's now November 2010 and guess what - they claim that they still
    never received the returned package. Too bad, so sad. I hate being made a fool of. Is there any way we can make them pay for this???

  • Cr
      19th of Nov, 2010
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    I also wish I was smart enough to check this site, but the name of the company is not the same as the name of the product I was ordering. I ordered the Chef Basket, its like a strainer but u can use it for many other cooking tasks. Its was supose to be you buy one basket for 14.95 and you get the second one free just pay the 6.98 shipping fee, with this you also got a bonus Deluxe Everlast Chef Knife, At the end of my order I went online and looked it up they had charged me 10.00 for steak knives, 19.98 for a deluxe basket and cooking guide, and then another 19.98 for another deluxe basket also I was charged twice 4.99 each time for the everlast chef knife. with tax and shipping my order came to 66.92!!! I was flabbergasted. There was no number to call to change or talk to someone, there was a link that offered a thank you gift so I clicked on it and it said "Thank you" should you have any questions or a change of mind please call this number, so I did, ok this number had NOTHING to do with the chef basket, it was some kind of Home Savings Mall, I spoke with a lady named Arlene, and she was extremly RUDE, she told me that since I clicked the link that I had a free trial and if I did not call back by This wednesday, my card would be charged, AND SHE WOULDNT TELL ME HOW MUCH!!! I called I dont know how many different numbers and finally got ahold of someone and of course not trying to be pregidice, I got a forgien gentleman whom I could barely understand!! He told me it takes 2 days for the order to come up on their system and that he would put a "CANCELLATION" on my order, but I had to call back either Monday or Tuesday to make sure it is cancelled!!! wow it sounds like the gentlemans complaint I read just a few mins ago!!, well Im going to report them to the BBB and Im going to call my bank and inform them of this scam and that these charges are not to be honored!!!

  • Ca
      13th of Mar, 2011
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    Telebrands - Overcharged on credit card
    United States

    I had placed an order on Jan. 16, 2011 just received today and see that they had overcharged me 18.98! I called they tried to say no they didn't but I have my receipt. Do you think they will give me a credit! NO they will not even tho I have the proof! Never order from them again!! I ordered the Chef Baskets which actually are a piece of junk but will keep them because they will not credit back the postage. I am so disappointed that they would rip a person off for something so petty!! Thanks for listening..

  • Su
      31st of May, 2011
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    Aluma Wallet - Cheated me out of money
    Aluma Wallet
    United States

    I ordered 2 Wallets and it took 8 weeks to get them. When they came I opened one of them and it fell apart, (indestructable my a--). I didn't even open the other one of the Chinese Junk. I got a RMA # and sent them back for a refund. 6 weeks later I checked my credit card statement and only got part of the money owed, RIPPED OFF AGAIN. Don't Buy Them unless you want to get PISSED also. I've learned my lesson on buying stuff from telemarketers they make sound so good but when you get them most likely there from China and they are JUNK.

  • He
      31st of May, 2011
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    I have an alluma wallet and I love mine. You got a bad one it happens sometimes. I bought mine at wallgreens and have never been happier

  • Us
      6th of Jun, 2011
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    Telebrands - order processing
    United States

    Went on the website but never went as far as finishing the ordering of the product and had two orders submitted. Each order was $23.97 and 12.98 was for shipping and handling but under two different categories. Ordered on May 3rd with no confirmation of the order and product did not ship until june 2nd. Was not even aware of this order until the charge showed up in my bank account.

  • Sp
      7th of Jun, 2011
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    Aluma Wallet - Do not waste your time
    Aluma Wallet
    United States

    Just called to place an order for the aluma wallet. It is automated, they just try to sell you everything except what you called for. Then after they get your card info they never let you speak to anyone. I just cancelled my card after trying to get them to cancell the order because they are so unproffesional. Do not waste your time. Why is everything so difficult, I need to type to have a minimum of 100 words, good grief!

    I hope this company goes belly up. Have a good evening everyone. I have nothing else to say sorry.

  • He
      7th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I never buy those tv things on the phone. I always wait until they come to a store then i buy it. I got my alluma wallet at walgreens and love it. The people who take the order, I think, get a comission and try to sell you everything and never take no for an answer

  • Un
      1st of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes
    Telebrands - Don't Order from them
    United States

    I ordered Jupiter Jack back in AUG, 09 two weeks before my wife's birthday and upgarded the jupiter so I would make sure it would work. Paid extra to amount to about $50.00

    It took till October to receive it and I was never told it would take that long. Once I got it, the connectors to fit a phone did not work on her phone. Again, I never asked the model to insure it would work with it.

    I was told I could order the new connector for $2.99 which I did. I told them the model number and make. I received the connector today 12/7/09 and they send the wrong one. That has been four months and still can't get it to work. NEVER, NEVER purhcase from them.

  • Gu
      8th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Ordered a chefdini. Their website was having some kind of technical difficulty and they processed my order twice when I only got to one conformation screen. They said I placed 2 orders that they are "updating" their systems (yet could pull up my information) and to call back in 2 days. I told them I was calling a BS card and that if I didn't get answers that I would contact my attorney for illegally processing 2 orders when I authorized only 1. They kept telling me to call back and I told them no I expected a call from them or I would again contact my attorney. They had nothing further to say other than mockingly asking me if there was anything else that I wanted. I'm sorry I'm not about to be charged $120 for their mess up. Worst company ever with the worst buisness ethics I've ever seen.

  • Le
      9th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I mistakenly ordered an extra set of the Chef's Basket and called to cancel one of the orders as my checking account had been debited twice in the amount of 40.97 each. The lady on the phone talked me into keeping my second order by promising me a 15.00 discount on the second order and swore my bank account would be credited with the difference. She lied. I will take this to the Texas State Attorney General's Office plus I am contacting the tv station that ran this stupid ad. It's a rip-off so please don't buy their products. I haven't received mine yet but I understand they are pure junk!

  • Pa
      1st of Jan, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto...I ordered the Hair Bean for my grandaughter online and before I knew it they had charged me over one hundred dollars for 2 products at $10 each plus who knows what else. There was no opportunity to confirm/stop the order and no way to talk to a real person. Not tha the real person could/would help. When I called the fictitious 'customer service' number 20 min. after ordering) I received the same response 'your order will not show up on our computers until 24-48 hours, . She assured me that she would write a 'cancelled notice' and it would be handled. Yeah, I was the one who was 'handled'. Three days later (today) the money has been withdrawn from my bank account. Today is Sunday, so tomorrow I will call once again. My bank says that I can file a dispute. What a stinkin' mess. I am going to my Attorney General as suggested.

  • Br
      5th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    This is regarding the aluma wallet rip-off. My complaint basically echoes what everyone is saying. No way to edit or cancel your order. I couldn't even get through to a real person! Their wording makes you think you are getting an amazing deal until the have your credit card info then they show you the price you are actually paying. Way above what was originally quoted and the 15% discount promised was nowhere to be seen on the final bill. Plus they don't even give you an order number. I have just gone straight to my bank to stop the charge before it evens goes through.

  • We
      19th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have exactly the same story as everyone else on here.I am just so mad! I was told my card would not be charged then it was charged. I was given a confirmation number for my order cancelation and still the charge was never removed from my card and then the stupid product showed up at my my door... now what?

  • Ro
      19th of Oct, 2012
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    This is the complaint I sent to the BBB, I ordered from the TV infomercials.

    On August 29, 2012 I ordered one set of ‘Who knew’ books for 29.99 a few days later I received the books; plus three more sets I did not order, and was billed $119.96; I was shocked and called immediately. The person on the other end of the line offered me $20.00 back if I keep the books to give as gifts; I said “NO” then he said I could mail the books back at my own expense and then would receive a refund; I said ‘NO, I should not have to pay shipping on something I did not order” then he said he would submit for a UPS shipping label to be e-mailed to me, and that I should give it about 24-72 hours and check my Spam folder, It never came. I called again today September 17, 2012 and the lady on the other end said: I will submit this for review. I want my money back right now, I don’t want to jump through their hoops to get what they had no permission to touch in the first place, I bought this book to learn how to save money. I only had 180.00 in my account when they took this money from me, and what they did has caused a hardship on my family
    Desired Outcome/Settlement
    Desired Settlement: Other (requires explanation) I want my money refunded immediately, I want them to pay for return of books I did no order, and to pay for my time and inconvenience of returning something I did not order.

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