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Refused to cancel order

Tried to cancel order immediately after ordered, told to call back next day, then told to call next day, then again, (order was not in system yet, I was told). Third day, told order was shipped and could not be canceled. There was no where online order form to confirm and check order before it was processed. Now I will have to pay to return it and I have no way of knowing if I will ever see my money. I think that I will not. Of course there is no supervisor available to speak with. I was trying to order just one but it upgraded me to 4, which charges me 47.00 instead of the 10.00 plus 6.99 shipping I thought I was paying. I am on disability and this is going to take a huge chunk out of my check book.

  • Li
    LindaYannitudeDirector Jan 12, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just ran into the same problem when trying to modify my told I have to call back in another 24 hours. I warned the person on the phone that I would have the charges reversed, called my CC company, & will dispute the charges when it is posted, as well as will return to sender, if they try to ship my order. The order is in a pending status, but red flags went up when they refused to cooperate or put a supervisor on the line. I will not do business with Telebrands again, nor should anyone else. This happened to be for Slim Away.

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  • John W Reed Apr 12, 2012

    I ordered my item four days ago and it is stilll not in the system and I have no idea of what the total price is for my order. I called my bank and put a "HOLD" on my credit card. This insures that the item will not be changed to my account but also doesn't allow me to use my card until I take the "HOLD" off. I have called Telebrands seven times and have been given different stories each time. I have logged each of my telephone calls and if I am not able to get my total charge, I will attempt to cancel my order. Since I have logged my calls, it makes it much easier to "DISPUTE" the unauthorized transaction, should it appear after I receive a cancellation number. I am calling again right now to attempt to do so and will ask to speak with a supervisor. If this doesn't work, it is worth the $15 charge for a new credit card number. If they do charge my account and I am able to dispute the charge, my bank will waive the $15 fee. I hope this advice will assist with others. Also, try other reputable websites such as: Amazon, Home Shopping Network. They offer a much better deal and give a bigger rollers (three sizes) with a telescopic handle for each of the large rollers. The package on Amazon is called The Magic Lint Remover Six Piece Set (Two Large Sets) which is two large rollers with handles (not seen on telebrands), two regular sized rollers (like seen on telebrands) and two travel sized rollers (as seen on telebrand) at a much lower price. I want to order this set because of the lack of customer service and scams going on at Telebrands Sticky Buddy! Best of luck to all!
    John W. Reed

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  • Gi
    Gireesam Jul 21, 2013

    Plz cancel my order of "No addiction" ordered by this no.- +918721917185.
    Thank u.

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  • Ma
    Manoj Srivastav Dec 13, 2014

    Plz cancel my no addiction ordered by this no.-8795844222

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  • Rg
    rgbdes Jul 23, 2015

    I didn`t want to buy no addiction for some personal reasons

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misleading shipping charges

Be very careful when ordering Barelifts from this company. Their website shows 10 barelifts cost only $10 with 6.99 shipping/handling. When you input your personal information, various other screens will come up to entice you to buy other Telebrand products. Once you get past those extraneous products, an option will be presented for expedited shipping as normal shipping takes 3-6 weeks. The extra cost for expedited shipping stated 9.99 but it doesn't advise whether the 9.99 is on top of the 6.99 or instead of. I live in Canada and I chose the expedited shipping, the next screen showed the order being sent and processed and shipping cost totalled 33.97!!! This is so misleading and ethically wrong that there is no preview of the total cost before the order is processed. Buyer beware.

Wrong Item Being Sent

I saw a commercial for Pasta Boat on TV and ordered one. When they sent me an email to confirm it had been...

Double sale

I place an order for Jupiter jack. When you followed the links they doubled the order and asked if you wanted...

I have been treated like a stupid consumer

Telebrands Pasta Bowl CLEARLY states (and I printed it to confirm)that ONE Pasta Bowl is $10.00 plus $6.99 for shipping. (Again I have PRINTED this info). Then it ASKS during checkout IF I want the second one for the same added price plus another $6.99 shipping. I checked their NO THANKS button. At the end I have an invoice for $10.00 for the ONE Pasta Bowl, but then they have DOUBLED THE SHIPPING to $13.98 !

But that isn't even the worst part. When I called IMMEDIATELY AFTER, they "can't find my order for 24-48 hours to cancel it". ha...BY THEN THEY WOULD HAVE SHIPPED IT !

They said I have to call back in 24 or 48 hours. Amazing, they took my $$ immediately online but now can't find it to cancel.

I am really mad at myself. I tried a Telebrands product once LONG AGO and they pulled some garbage then too.

I will NEVER order from them again. I do NOT like to be treated like a stupid consumer.

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Pasta Boat

Telebrands Pasta Bowl CLEARLY states (and I printed it to confirm)that ONE Pasta Bowl is $10.00 plus $6.99...

They stole money from you

I had exactly the same bad experiences with this junk company. I saw the TV ad and then tried to order a heel-stick product from The price on the TV is $10 for each, while after I entered my discover information, my address, and everything, the price showed $23.98! Handling & Shipping costs are much more than the price of the product itself. I did not continue, did not authorize the purchase, and just close the website. I thought that’s it. Two weeks later I received the products, and I found that they charged my discover! It was just like a theft, you saved your credit card info, and they stole money from you!

I returned back the product to the company and paid the shipping around $9. I called this god-damned company several times [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting, also telebrands ), I told them they were stealing my money, and told them to refund the money ASAP, or I would sue them. They were doing against the business law. Later they refunded me $10. I called discover card and told them that I did not authorize the purchase; they said they would investigate it. One week later, the rest of the money were refunded to my discover account.

Actually, though discover did a good job in dealing this issue, but it also depended on who received your call. The first time I called, the representative was very indifferent and told me to contact the junk company because they could not do anything with that. Several days later I called again and the other representative was very professional and told me that the company needed to show the records of my purchase. As long as I did not authorize anything, they should not charge my money.

So I would suggest you call your credit card company. Try again if you do not get a good representative. I do believe that they are right,as long as you do not authorize anything, the junk company can not charge you via credit card.

So my loss this time was $ 9 of the shipping fee. I do not expect to have that back. But I am going to complain to BBB. Money is not the deal. I am just angry with such kinds of thefts.

This is a total scam

I ordered Jupiter Jack, 2 for $10, they billed me $68: chargred me $19.99 for each, charged me shipping of $7 on each then send two mounts and charged me $7 on each. Called and got some rude people from India, they basically told me to go to hell, I mean it, they said the bill refected what I agreed to. A scam, I am still protesting this via my credit card company. Not only that, in Denver the jack doesn't work on the channels they provided (too much interference). This is a total scam. Don't buy this from the web site or tv ad, you will get a bill in which the shipping is more than the product price and the damn thing won't work.

  • Kl
    klotz Jan 04, 2014

    I saw the ad on tv for the hurricane mop and thought it was a good idea so I picked up the phone to order the mop. Until I was done ordering I was so confused because you have to order extra components to get what I saw on the advertisement.. When I received my order it was four times the items than I thought I ordered. Since then I have been trying to call them and all I get is a busy signal on the phone. I want to send these things back and want to be reimbursed for the postage why should I pay for something I did not order. Besides the mop is a piece of junk !!!

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Outrageous shipping charges

What a SCAM!!! I feel so naive. Sure, I thought $10 + S&H for the "buy one, get one free offer)would be worth giving it a shot, right?... Well if they didn't charge $6.99 PER SET, it might of been. So, instead of my total being around $14 as I expected, it ended up being $23.98! Which will put my credit card "over the limit, " as I only had $19 available to spend. The $29 "over the limit" fee that I will have to pay, IS EVEN MORE THAN THE PURCHASE ITSELF!! So really, I will end up paying a total of $52.98 for these stupid things, instead of $14 as I expected!

IF I HAD BEEN GIVEN A CHANCE to review the total charges of my order, PRIOR to confirming my payment, I would have changed my mind on this purchase altogether. I suppose I am just naive, but i didn't realize companies could do this!! As I have ALWAYS had the chance to review my order PRIOR to a payment.

I FEEL SO DECEIVED. Even if I end up LOVING "Bare Lifts, " (which I HIGHLY doubt-due to countless poor reviews that I JUST found online) I will NEVER recommend them OR purchase them again in the future because of Telebrands greediness & deceit.

  • Ke
    Keadue Jun 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you. This just happened to me. I ordered 2 sets of Crazy Critters for a total of $20. They do not show shipping fee. When I got the email confirmation, they had charged me $27.96 for shipping!! I called immediately to cancel and was told that the order does not go into their system for 24-48 hours and to call back next day. They would make a note that I wanted to cancel. Call back the nnext day and get same run around. Told to call back today. Called today and was told that they cannot canel it manually becasue the order had been filled and was ready to ship. They would give me $10 off. I told them I was going to stop payment with Am Ex and report them to the Better Business Burueau and all of a sudden they give me a return number to put on the box when it comes. Somebody needs to investigate them for criminal charges.

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Cost Inflation

I tried to order Telebrands Pasta Boat and was shocked when I finished the order online that the price wa...

It has been four months and still can't get it to work

I ordered Jupiter Jack back in AUG, 09 two weeks before my wife's birthday and upgarded the jupiter so I would make sure it would work. Paid extra to amount to about $50.00.

It took till October to receive it and I was never told it would take that long. Once I got it, the connectors to fit a phone did not work on her phone. Again, I never asked the model to insure it would work with it.

I was told I could order the new connector for $2.99 which I did. I told them the model number and make. I received the connector today 12/7/09 and they send the wrong one. That has been four months and still can't get it to work. NEVER, NEVER purhcase from them.

Extremely hard to use and only one use

Could not get the top on an opened can of soda. No matter how I pushed on the Bottle Top the can would start to collapse and the contents spilled but the Bottle Top would not snap on. After numerous tries finally got one to go on an unopened can and then had to use several tools to reach through the opening on the top to pull the pop top open. Soda did not stay carbonated once the can was opened and it was impossible to get the top off of the empty can. They claim the Bottle Top will fit most cans and can be used over and over. I tried the product on numerous brand name sodas and it would not snap easily on any of them. I had several co-workers try the product and they came up with the same results. No one could get the Bottle Top to snap onto the can and the one can I did get the Bottle Top on still has the top on it because no one can get it off even after the can was totally crushed!

Ridiculously misleading, pushy business practices

Rediculously misleading, pushy bussiness practices! These guys are out to fool you into crap you don't need or want. This is the only company I've ever placed an order with where your total bill and price breakdown was given AFTER they accept your order. You get bombarded with ads for other services and products during your checkout process and even AFTER you palce the order someone CALLS you up to sell you some more crap - during the call they claimed to just want to "confirm address" but actually managed to trick me into trial subscription to services I explicitly said I'm not interested in!!!

As I'm writting this I'm waiting to their seemingly non-existant "Customer Service" - my call has now been dropped second time after waiting 10min on hold in each call.

This product is a fraud!

I can’t believe that TeleBrands can get away with their claim that “one size fits all–for men and women.” I have a size 10 foot and they are WAY TOO BIG for me. I even cut off the big and small toes to try to use them on my middle toes and they are still too big. This product is a fraud!

I don't think any woman who has left a positive comment about Pampered Toes has actually tried them.

How can they help me? Either give me back the $10 I spent at Bed, Bath & Beyond or make a pair of Pampered Toes that fits normal feet.

Internet Scam Ordering Process

I saw a commercial for Perfect Button (product description irrelevant). I went on to the Net to order it. On...

Shipped wrong Item

I ordered the Windshield Wonder in November. On January 19, 2010, I received something called the "Glass Wizard". I called about this error and was told that since I upgraded to the deluxe model, this was correct. The deluxe model should have been bigger, but this thing is totally different. The shape of the cleaner is different, the handle is shorter and does not fold, etc. All I wanted was a return label so I didn't have to pay to return something I didn't order, and they refused. They offered to send me a new order, of course paying full shipping, once I returned the incorrect order. Note to Telebrands- If you had offered to send me the correct order and not charge me shipping, I would have been satisfied!

Scam charges

Ordered Pedi-Paws and nowhere are you able to edit or cancel your order. Order was supposed to be for 2...


I was supposed to be charged $6.99 for the first 2 sets of windshield wonders that I ordered and the 3rd set was supposed to ship at no additional shipping cost. Yet they charged me $34.95 for shipping...over-charge by an additional $20.97. The customer service link gives hours of M-F 9 - 5 yet they tell you they're lines are always busy so it's best to call on Thurdays or Fridays. It's Friday night now (10PM) when I placed this order which means I have to wait almost a week before I can maybe get through to them. I'm filing a complaint with my credit card company.

  • Bo
    BobVH Sep 27, 2009

    The ad I got says buy one windshield wonder for $10 and get a second one free. So I signed up to buy it. However, they charged me 20+ dollars (before) shipping cost. I was STILL stupid enough to buy it. The good news is I must have screwed up my credit card nr when ordering it. I got a letter in the mail today informing there was a problem with it (no it's not maxed was a check card) and I had plenty of money to cover it. So I won't be getting any. Good news for me. I won't be ordering it again!

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  • Rd
    RDW Oct 22, 2009

    I actually ordered three of the windshield wonder and was shipped a different product, Glass Wizard, after waiting over two months. I returned the Glass Wizard, at a cost to me of $12.00. I complained to Telebrands that I did not receive the merchandise that I ordered and they shipped me half as many of the same incorrect product they had sent me before. So basically I never got the quantity that I ordered nor did I ever get the windshield wonder. I am stuck with something I did not order or want.

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  • Ra
    Rachel N Dec 08, 2009

    I had the same problem - I ordered a set (buy 1 get 1 free for $10!). I saw that it said "S&H at a cost of $6.99 per set", but yet was charged $10 twice PLUS $20.97 for shipping! It should have only cost $24 total, not $40.97! I did call and wait and got through to someone who talked around in circles, never answering my question. Then said "when did you place your order" to which I replied, about 10 minutes ago. The woman said - well that won't be in our system until Thursday (it is Tuesday). You can try to call back then. I asked about shipping and she said the website says allow 3-6 weeks for shipping. Nowhere is that stated! I am frustrated at them, but also myself for falling for such an obvious scam!!

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  • Dr
    Dr. Paiva Jan 05, 2010

    Unbelievable folks, I had the same ordeal happen to me.

    I ordered the Windshield Wonder and about a week later, to my surprise I received the Glass Wizard instead. I was obviously angry that they shipped a product I didnt purchase, then go on to explain that this was some sort of an upgrade. I wasn't buying that line, this was clearly a marketing scam. I don't know how Telebrand gets away with this type of business behavior but its disgraceful and dishonest. I hope that there are legal precedences which make this illegal, perhaps false advertisement or something more to protect the consumers from this sort of deceptive marketing.

    Does anyone have any other experiences with Telebrand?

    Boston, MA

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  • Sa
    sailon Jan 29, 2010

    I bought the same thing, buy 1 - get one free for $10 and shipping of $6.99.

    When it was time to check out, they doubled the shipping... what a bunch of crooks!

    EVERYONE should contact the Better Business Bureau in NJ and file a complaint. OR simply stop payment by your credit card company!

    Simply go to:

    and fill out the pages. This at least make sit difficult for them.

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  • Br
    Bravadoca Oct 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was planning to order the windshield wonder, but after reading all of the complaints, and after the rip off I encountered with another product that I had "seen on tv", I plan to never buy anything like that again. This is how they make their money. How else can they sell things so cheap?? The other product I mentioned was supposed to cost me only $19.99, but after all was said and done, it cost me $60.00. First they charged me $17.98 for shipping. Then when I checked my Visa I saw a charge for $48.00. I called the company to ask why it was so much when at first it should have been only about $37.00. They told me that there is what is called an extra zone charge to ship it to Canada. Then when it arrived, I had to pay another $13.59 for duty charges.

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Bad experience

Telebrands is a fraud company. Never get in their trap.

I got the Air press massager delivered on 5th May 09. The product was faulty. I sent it back to the co. on 8th May. They confirmed me that they have received the product back on 11th May. I still haven't got the refund of Rs 2999/-. I paid Rs 3280/- at the time of delivery since postman asked for the money order charges. Every time i call the telebrands customer care I get the answer we have dispatched the cheque on 1st June. I have not received any cheque till now. They are not giving any satisfying answer & nor they are refunding my money. I had to courier charges of rs 400/- as well to send the faulty product back. With your help I want Product cost & courier cost refund.

Their customer care number is never reachable. One has to try 30-60 mins to reach them. They donot even respond on mail.


I mistakenly attempted to order EZ Combs on their website. Attempting to purchase the advertised $10 introductory offer. After a list of questions, I received an order confirmation for sales in excess of $112. The website offered no way to change or cancel the order. My only recourse was to call Telebrands the next day, which according to them, my order was already shipped out. I had to wait for the product to arrive, send it back and attach code, and have yet to receive my refund and it has been over 3 weeks, since I sent the product back, not to mention the initial order that could not be cancelled or changed. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I will never purchase anything from this company, EVER! Save yourself some pain, and do not deal with anything Telebrands is involved in.