Telebrands Complaints & Reviews

Telebrands / dial vision adjustable lens eyeglasses

Oct 02, 2019

TelebrandsAfter 8 weeks past and just as I was about to give up on the order I received the parcel. Now that it is in my hand and the instructions have been followed as per the leaflet it does not work as promised. A Small difference is visible but nothing like you suggest it is capable of doing. My...

Telebrands / dial vision adjustable kens eyeglasses

Sep 17, 2019

I brought these after seeing your advert on Facebook. The dials will not turn so they cannot be adjusted. My husband and my brother have also tried but the dials are not turning. They are obviously useless as they are because they are cannot be adjusted to suit anyone, neither for close...

Telebrands / brass pocket hose - sku #[protected]

Sep 04, 2019

TelebrandsThis hose didn't last 6 weeks. I used it maybe 4 times and it was fine. Then when I went to use it again, tiny holes of water were spurting out up and down along the hose. I had taken very good care of this hose, too. I tried to return it to the store where I purchased it, but they said to...

Telebrands / incomplete order only 1 of set of 2

Dec 18, 2018

Been here done that 3 times. I don't think you want to fill my order, keep running around. I need the ring band to complete the set u messed up on, only sent the diamond, want the band to match. Origenal order incomplete please send band or I take an add out in my defense. Can't get u on...

Telebrands / about I was charged was not the agreed amount.

Nov 14, 2018

I bought the copcam earlier this evening... I chose the one time payment of $38.99 plus a one time fee of $9.95 shipping and handling. I also got the second cam for $19.99. My debit card was charged $163.75 payment was taken out... This is not the amount that was authorized... Please...

Telebrands / the amazing expanding hose brass bullet

Jul 27, 2018

I bought this product abou 45 days ago, i have use it three times the second time it had a leak small one the third time I noticed two leaks, continued to use it after about one1/2 hour it had no water coming out a complete failure, water coming from a large leak in a different spot, look...

Telebrands / ped egg power

Jul 27, 2018

This has been my first ped egg power that I have purchased and I am totally dissatisfied with it! First off, I was only able to us it twice before it decided to completely stop working! Thinking it may be the batteries, although I put brand new ones in to begin with, I replaced the...

Telebrands / spin mop

Jul 18, 2018

My name is Dionne Davis. [protected]. I have contacted telebrand about my warranty for replacement. I purchased my spin mop through HSN and HSN gave me the warranty information for Telebrand. But Telebrand is constantly denying my warranty telling me it is not their product. Now from my...

Telebrands / Parcel not received

Jul 11, 2018

my mail/letter (Canada Post) carrier returned my paid parcel back to sender because either your carrier or your shipper from your warehouse did not have my entire address (unit number was missing)in the address. is there any way you can contact your carrier and tell him about the...

Telebrands / spin scrubber

Jul 05, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, approximately 3 weeks ago I ordered through 'gogroopie', it finally arrived 3rd July 2018. I followed the instruction manual regarding set-up prior to use, I left it to charge fully, the red light had turned green indicated charge was complete. I assembled the item with the...

Telebrands / 75 and 50 ft top brass expandable hose

Jun 25, 2018

I have bought several of each of these hose due to them being lightweight I had broken my back and these are easy to handle. Love the hose but after minimal use they explode or split. The use is normally past the time to return to where I purchase. Do you guarantee your hose at all. They...

Telebrands / pet egg powerball product part fell out after minimal usage

May 15, 2018

Like the product but a part that held roller in fell out & was lost. This was only 4-5 months old. I did order another one but I hope they last more than this one did. I would really like to ha the one that fell apart replaced please. Thank you for your time & help with this problem. [protected]

Telebrands / 100 foot hoe top brass bullett

Apr 15, 2018

I bought this hose less than one year ago and while washing the car today, the hose actually burst about 1 foot from the end of the hose. I bought the hose in South Carolina while on vacation. Has anyone else has a similar problem with one of these hoses? What did you do about it? Was the company willing to replace or exchange? Who did you contact.

Telebrands / lazer bond usa

Mar 12, 2018

Having used a product successfully from another provider, i ordered your product, two actually & stored them in the lovely black cases, in the re pair section of a dark cool closet. Today in need of the trusted product, i attempted to use them..First one, completely dry!!! the second the...

Telebrands, Inc. / ped egg power

Jan 30, 2018

Telebrands, Inc.This is the second Ped Egg power that I have bought and it goes through batteries way way way too fast I cannot afford to keep the batteries in it it just quit after using it for a while and I paid $30 for each one of these. I don't know why I bought a second one. I just thought maybe it...

Telebrands, Inc. / refund issues

Jan 08, 2018

Someone contacted me after I bought "Aqua Dog" products. She offered me free Zirconia earrings and necklace (had to pay for necklace if I decided to keep it). I strongly said "no, I didn't want them". She insisted that I could send them back. As she continued to wear me down, I agreed...

Telebrands / furwizard

Dec 29, 2017

I ordered 1 of these for $25 and it didn't get here when it was supposed and when it finally arrived it does not work the product is broken. I have tried emailing you several times with no response. I am going to post on Face Book that you do not return emails or stand by your products. Why do...

Telebrands / hurricane spin scrubber

Dec 02, 2017

I bought 2 of these less than a year ago. I have only got to use them about 3 times. The battery doesn't recharge anymore and Batteries Plus wants to charge me $30 each for battery. I told them that I can buy new Hurricane Spin Scrubbers for the same price it would cost to buy a...

Telebrands / order # telb16900004-[protected]

Nov 04, 2017

I placed an order over the phone([protected]) on the 8th of Oct. I was told to expect in 10 days. I was never told the amount charged to my debit card, but I assumed it would be about $70 to $80 dollars. I received my bank statement and found I was charged $179.96 and I received the product...

Telebrands / square dance red copper

Oct 18, 2017

I purchased two of these pans and paid extra for an extra thick coating. These pans are not at all what i expected. It worked great for a few weeks, now eggs stick it makes a mess and is hard to clean. What do I need to do??? Really unhappy with it. Things stick, scratch easily . Patricia...

Telebrands / win cleaner

Oct 10, 2017

I have had Win Cleaner for several years installed on my desktop and laptop. Recently my desktop malfunctioned badly and I bought a new one. I attempted many times to install Win Cleaner on the new desktop and the message says exceeded limit. I then uninstalled it from my laptop thinking...

Telebrands / hurricane spin scrubber

Oct 03, 2017

Hello. I purchased the product above, Model #HSS1 in April 2017 at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Lake Zurich, IL. I have only used it a few times. The issue is that I have had it plugged in to charge for over 3 weeks and it is not working. I unplug it, turn it on and nothing. It just doesn't...

Telebrands, Inc. / red copper flipwich hot sandwich maker...

Sep 16, 2017

I ordered and received a ''Flipwich'' sandwich maker in Aug, 2017 from New Easy Co. I love the product! When I washed it after using, put it in my drain basket, it came ''unhinged''. I've not been able to line up the hinges again for a tight fit. This was Sept. 15, 2017. Can you help me or...

Telebrands / pocket hose ii 75 ft

Jul 06, 2017

TelebrandsI received this hose as a mother's day gift last year (2016). Did not use it until the fall last year. this spring(2017) when I started to use it a large hole opened in the center of the hose. The hose was kept in a garage over the winter and hardly had time to use it before it developed a hole. I would like a replacement or a refund for this product.

Telebrands / pocket hose 50 feet

Jun 14, 2017

I purchased a Pocket Hose on 6/12/17 at Home Depot located in Auburn, Maine. The very first time I used it after reading the directions the hose burst right in the middle. In the past I have purchased these type hose and as usual they don't last. Each one of the hose's I got made the claim...

Telebrands / pocket hose top brass - dura-rib inner tube

Jun 13, 2017

I purchased the pocket hose from Mountain Ridge Ace on 7/28/2015. I realize that this has been almost 2 yrs. ago and I apologize for that. We are part-time RVer's gone 6-7 mo. out of the year. We used it for the first time about April or May of 2016. Everything was fine, no problems. It...

Telebrands / hurricane spin mop 360

Jun 12, 2017

I have purchased 4 spin mops but what keeps breaking is the mop handle. So I now own 4 buckets that are fine but have no mop that I can use since I can't just buy the mop handle. What can I do? I need the mop!!! Please HELP. I called Repentance and was told that I have to purchase the...

Telebrands / pocket hose

Jun 04, 2017

TelebrandsI purchased a Pocket Hose from Rite Aid on 09/11/2016 and have used it several times since then although it does not completely recoil when the water is turned off. On 06/02/2017 I was using the hose and it burst. This is the first hose that ever burst on me. What is the process for...

Telebrands / Toucan can opener

Feb 22, 2017

February 12, 2017 First use put it on a can and pushed the start button and the TouCan broke into several parts. The little gear with the rectangular hole broke in half and the whole appendage for removing a lid came off. Purchased it at Dollar General for a Christmas gift and it didn't open...

Telebrands / Product never received/spin scrubber

Jan 27, 2017

My name is Harold Fisher I ordered a spin scrubber online on January 1, 2017 . The funds were taken from my account $67.97 it's now January 27, 2017. I've tried multiple times to get a response from the email address where I ordered my product but I get no response. My order number i...

Telebrands / Hurricane spin scrubber

Jan 27, 2017

I purchased this spin scrubber 01/09/17. The device was charged up the following day as the instructions indicated, however I did not use it that day. On 01/26/17 I prepared to use it, but the product had not retained its charge. I plugged it in again and after 20 hours of being plugged in...

Telebrands, Inc. / Cancel order/refund

Jan 18, 2017

Ordered, a Red Copper pan for 59.99. Did not get a confirmation number, so figured the order was not complete. Ordered one on another date, got confirmation number and was soon alerted that I had 2 on order and both were billed to my card. Called and emailed customer service and told them...

Telebrands / Star shower

Jan 11, 2017

I purchased two Star Showers at $50 each. the first one I bought in 2015 and used it Christmas 2015. It burned out this year on Dec. 28. I purchased a second Star Shower and used it this Christmas 2016. It burned out before Christmas ever arrived. I am a widow and that was a lot of money...

Telebrands Pocket Hose / Leak

Jun 18, 2015

I have purchased 5 of these hoses . They are very light and easy to maneuver however three of the five have sprung a leak. Is it possible for you to replace these at no cost to me? I love these hose but they seem to be very fragile. Have there been any improvements made?

Telebrands / Refund of payment after order cancelled

Apr 08, 2014

I Ordered ONE Hurricane Mop and didn't get a chance to review order before submitting! THEY DO THIS ON PURPOSE!! I was charged $159.92 for something that was supposed to be $29.99 plus $12.99 S/H I have been refunded all but $29.99 (item #3 on order confirmation) This has been going on...

Telebrands / Discruntal employee would not refund my money of $ 52.97 for the Hurricane Spin Mop that I am not happy with 03-25-2014.

Mar 25, 2014

Please refer to Category of Complaint Documentation. The protester is Charlotte Redmon 914 Faulkner springs Road, McMinnville, TN 37110, and Telephone Number is [protected]. My order number was TELB12378523-[protected] on February 11, 2014, for 1 7241B-Hurricane spin Mop + Sticky Buddy.

Telebrands / the quality of the products which telebrands send us was very low.... all the items were defective

Jan 03, 2014

u people fool the the common man by showing somethng on the t.v and giving something else ... on 26/11/2013 we ordered nicer dicer by order no. M1373955... and on 28/11/2013 we ordered 5 in 1 sofa cum bed, electricity saver and wedge cushion by order no.M1374418... 1. binding of sofa cum...

Telebrands / Pocket hose

Jun 12, 2013

I purchased pocket hose early may 2013. I got a confirmation letter by email and a tracking number. I was billed credit card may 30 and told my order was shipped and would be here 7 - 10 days. As of june 17 no order has arrived. Checking the tracking order they say it was delivered june 7...



Last Sunday [protected]) my wife and I were shopping for a dog grooming brush she had seen on TV. When we found what she was looking for, we could not easily confirm what the total price was. We had to enter all of our information in order to find out what the final price would actually...

Telebrands / This is fraudulent practice and people should beware of this company


I ordered a Zirconium ring from a telemarketer named Telebrands and talked with an automated answering machine. All I ordered was a ring but when the order arrived it included earrings which I did not order.During the call I was offered several things to buy (including earrings) but I kept...