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Team Beach Body keeps charging your account.

Even after contesting their charges and contacting them repeatedly, their charges keep showing up on my credit card. Ironically, I specifically declined all other products and services when ordering their DVD.

The DVD was fine - but they keep trying to place charges on your account for things you have not ordered. No DVD, even if the best ever, is not worth all this hassle.

Absolutely avoid doing business with them! I plan to stay clear of them forever. Hopefully I can get them to stop charging my account...and you will be forewarned and not ever do business with them.

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  • Ph
      Sep 27, 2008

    I ordered a workout DVD over a year ago. And now i check my account and notice a charge i have never seen before. I know it was stupid of me for not checking my account but i never use my credit card so i had no reason to check it. but i saw that my balance was not changing so i found that i was being billed 38 bucks. and this explained a lot because i have been trying to pay off my credit card and i have been going over the balance and i finally know why. i emailed them hopefully they will call me ASAP.. i want my money back all of it. i have not even touched the online help from team beach body. this is ridiculous and i am angry. they could've sent an email or even called and let me know that my account was inactive. i mean i never went on the site EVER. i expect my money back.

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  • Da
      Oct 17, 2008

    I have read your complaint above about Team Beachbody and the same thing happened to me. I decided this product was not for me so I returned it. It was 4 months before I realized they didn't refund my money. It took an hour phone call to a Brad Williams in India. He had a very thick accent like he was from India. I asked him about his American name and he said it was his phone name. Here we are in the United States and we are doing business with India on an American product. Needless to say, this individual was trying to make me think he was here in the U.S.A. This was very frustrating to say the least. I had to hold on the phone for a very long time and I could hardly understand this "Brad Williams"! Right! After a lengthy conversation he said he would credit my account $77.17. It took 4 months and and hour of my phone minutes and time and energy to get back what should have been refunded without asking. Why is it we must ask for what is due. Why can't companies/people do what they say and claim they will do. This was not the end. When I checked my account I saw they refunded $64.22 even though they said they would refund the entire amount including shipping for $77.17. I received the $64.22 on October 16, 2008 and on October 17, they took without permission $38.87 just like Philicia above. Thats what motivated me to post this complaint. I called the company again and this time I reach someone by the name of Massrel in Costa Rica. Imagine that! I asked her why did this charge of $38.87 occur and after some time she researched and said it was a membership fee. I told her I am not a member nor did I sign up to be and I gave nobody permission to charge my account at anytime. I was furious and let her know that they were being deciptive like so many companies. She says she will again credit my account. We shall see how much they keep this time!

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  • Be
      Nov 21, 2008

    Hi everyone!

    I am just updated this thread to thank people who have reached out to me for my assistance.

    I encourage everyone else who is reading this to email me, and I will personally respond back to you within 24 business hours guaranteed.

    My email address specifically for you guys is [protected]

    Thank you for your patience everyone, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

    Warm regards,


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  • Wh
      Jun 21, 2011

    Same problem here, 4 cancellations done and they keep charging me and I will post this as many places as possible to get them a bad reputation. Class action lawsuits are for people like this, if they were so concerned they would cancel when requested. A friend of mine worked for Beach Body and pretty much confirmed it's a scam..

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  • Tj
      Nov 18, 2013

    I signed up as a Beachbody Coach in May 2013. I was happy with the program, DVD, and Shakeology. As long as they could auto bill my credit card, everything went smoothly. I looked thru the site to cancel my auto ship/charge. I had requested a hold on the product three months in a row, and the shipments continued. I simply could not drink enough before the next bag came. I contacted Customer Service to discontinue auto ship due to this. The first person hung up on me because I was unwilling to give out my SSN#. This is after holding over 10 minutes each person I was transferred to. The second person spoke so fast, and was so rude, I had him transfer me to someone else. I am very familiar with the different programs being a Coach, yet the Beachbody person kept trying to spin it around to confuse me, and I had to tell her how it worked. She even went as far to tell me to cancel my membership to get it over with. It became a yelling match, and all I was trying to do was not have five bags of product in my kitchen. Cancelling my membership simply increased the cost of the product, did not discontinue shipments, and I told her that about five times before she acknowledged I was correct. If you must have this product, get it from EBay. No matter what your "relationship" with your coach is. The stress dealing with people on the phone being so rude, being on hold for 30 minutes to just get another nasty individual simply takes away anything good Beachbody has to offer. Any further charges to my credit card for product after call date will be submtted as fraud to my credit card company. I am so happy that I decided to try the program for myself, see how customer service was when I called, before pursuing selling any product for this company. Again, if you MUST have the shake, it is on EBay, hassle free.

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  • De
      Mar 27, 2016

    The same thing has happened to me. They charged me online support when I NEVER agreed for this service. I told them to check my account to see that I have never been online. But they said anything over 30 days they will not refund. This company even stated that many people do not know they are getting online services!! I will never buy anything from this company again. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY. I will post this on every website to help all consumers to beware when they have your credit card for those billings from Beachbody for items and services you did not order.

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  • Ou
      Aug 24, 2016

    I am having the same experience In checking my recent credit card purchases I noticed a charge for $41.98. I called Beachbody and was told that I've been charged every quarter since December, 2013. They said that my initial purchase was a trial period. If so, then why did I not receive anything letting me know when my trial period was up and my card would be charged again. Just like everyone else, I was not aware of the charges, my mistake, or I would have attacked this earlier. I haven't heard from this company since spring, 2014, when I stopped receiving emails from my "coach." How fraudulent is this company! How deceptive and underhanded. FYI--the only options when you call are to speak with an inside sales rep, not to speak with any customer service. I'LL ECHO THE OUTCRY AGAINST THESE LIARS/CHEATS. REPORT ALL OF THE COMPLAINTS ABOUT BEACHBODY WHEREVER YOU CAN. I'm reporting them to American Express and will hope that Amex will support my claim. Not only that, but no permission was given to use my card. Felony ring a bell??? First answer from Isamar in "Escalations" was that this money paid for ongoing services. No services provided though. Also, that there was a box to check to discontinue ongoing charges either on email or in the invoice. Did anyone else miss that, or did Beachbody choose not to accept the answer! Isamar agreed to give a refund for 6 payments. I will continue to fight for the other 6.

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  • Ap
      Mar 09, 2017

    I just experienced the same issue after purchasing a DVD from Beachbody. I was billed for a quarterly membership fee which I never knew about or agreed to. They claim they will not charge me again but refused to refund my $41.80. I have contacted my credit card company and reported this as a fraud. I have posted on social media to help warn others. As a business owner I find this appalling! This company should be fined.

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