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We moved to Texas more than a year ago. There have been no assets in the account for months and i believe that i cancelled the account. I continue to get statements with increasing maintenance fees even though the account should have been closed months ago. I was told that the account was written off but that the writeoff would follow my credit history (my scores are in the 820 range) I request that the fees be waived and the writeoff be reversed so that no black mark attaches to my credit history. I called customer service on 1/27/2017 and was told that they had no record of the closure but that my account had been closed. There was nothing that customer service and recoveries could or would do for me. This is an incredibly poor way to treat a long term customer. I repeat, I believe that I closed the account. At any rate this is an incredibly minor request and i hope that you will rectify the situation.

Howard l. Rosen

Jan 27, 2017

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