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I am looking for a best possible way to express the unbelievable services I received from the Tata Indicom and the local internet service provider DOMBIVLI INTERNET SERVICE (DIS). But Now I would like to give them a Medal of Honor for really sitting in their offices and taking all the bashings from the customers they face.

Infact, I feel that Tata has a New way of developing India up by recruiting handicapped customer service guys who are deaf and mentally ###ed. They just have to pick up the call and listen to the Customer who is frustrated with the Internet service they provide. I have not figured out who the real culprit is as the local service provider DOMBIVILI INTERNET SERVICE (DIS) is also involved in my 4 month stint of Internet service from Tata.

Well anyways they made sure that I don't use the service anymore and the FUNNIEST Part is when I asked them to disconnect the connection, the very next day a customer rep called me up and asked me to check if my internet connection has been properly disconnected. That was funny as I have never seen it properly connected when I had the connection.

So people living in and around DOMBIVILI, I just want to let you know that even if you don't have an option to get any other service provider in your location apart from DIS, take it from writing from the Service provider that he would attend to you complaints within a speculated date or else you are free to take him to Consumer court at your will.

I believe if I had done that, I would at least have had the peace of mind and satisfaction for the money I spent on this service.

All the Best to you guys!

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  • Sh
      Oct 14, 2006
    Tata Indicom Broadband - Poor victim of the cruel play of tata indicom

    I am also a poor victim of the cruel play of tata indicom cc and technical ppl ... I did not have yet connection from 12th to 29th of April and I had to call the customer care for all these days ... and in between they played very 'smartly' by closing the case itself !! they claim that they have called me and i have agreed to close the case !!! they r really CRUEL ppl .. i don't understand how ppl can be so irresponsible .. !!!

    Finally my friend came down here and he resolved it by himself !! Tata Indicom ppl did not put any effort in solving that issue ... !!! :(((

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  • Ar
      Jun 16, 2007
    Tata Indicom Broadband - Poor support team

    Please refer to my inquiry number 1205673 and the complaints number 2651876 and 2684166. My internet connection just got activated on Monday, 11th June and today its Friday, 16th June. I am really sorry to inform you I never expected such worst connection from Tata Indicom and not to mention such poor support team who just doesn't know how to troubleshoot the issues. They are just playing around with trial and error method to troubleshoot the issue.

    Please be informed I have lodged a complaint on Tuesday, 12th June because of several request timed outs in the link and also slow transfer rate of just 4-8 KBPS when I am being provided bandwidth of 256 KBPS. The second complaint was raised on Thursday,15th June because my connection went down completely. For both the above complaints I never got any feedback from anyone who just didn't bother to provide the updates to the customer. It was me who kept on calling the FE and customer care executives for the updates. I am highly frustrated about the support being provided from a brand like TATA Indicom, the Field Engineers are just good for nothing. They are not at all technically sound. I am having a very good experience in just 5 days ever since my connection got activated which I never expected. TATA Indicom is just fooling the customers.

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  • Cr
      Jul 06, 2007
    Tata Indicom Broadband - Crap service provider!

    Tata indicom broadband is to put it simply ‘the worst internet service provider on the planet’. I would strongly thoroughly discourage any human being from buying a tata indicom broadband connection.

    Very quickly let me get into the reason why i would like you to not buy a tata indicom broadband connection at any cost!!!

    Although my connection is of tata indicom (Service provided by videsh sanchar nigam ltd, yes vsnl itself!!) my connection actually comes through a shady cable operator through which tataindicom operates in my are & thats where the major problem lies. To say i have frequent disconnections would be a thorough understatement. These disconnections or unavailability of service is 99% due to some fault of the local cable operator through which tatavsnl provides me the broadband connection. Apparently tatavsn does not exercise any supervision over the local cable operator & the connection is completely at his mercy. There is a tata vsnl engineer in place, but that doesn't help much. There are times when some wire comes lose at the local cable operators office & the connection goes kaput, then there are times when the switch located in my building goes kaput or the wire lets out, or the power to the switch goes off, there are just too many complications here. Ive been using this service (or to term it better - been buying the accounts) for the past 2 years & have been through every bad experience possible which one can have with an isp.

    Ive called up the helpdesk who have lodged my complaint, however no one has got back to me. I called up the helpdesk again to inform them that my complaint hasnt been resolved & to not close my complaint, as it has happened in a few cases earlier that the engineer of tatavsnl closed the
    Complaint from his side without even bothering to check with me if it has been resolved!! And in some cases if the connection has worked for a few minutes and again gone down which happens more frequently, the helpdesk people confirmed me that they close the complaint at their end if the user logs my experience with tataindicom no issue is resolved with just a couple of hours of testing, it resurfaces back again in a few hours or the next day which has happened in my case.

    I’m unable to believe that a company as big as tata vsnl is at the mercy of the small time cable operator.

    The problem also lies majority at the middle management level. The helpdesk must have a process in place by which the complaints are sent across to the local offices and from there to the field engineers, however what looks like here is the middle management has a slack attitude. Either they do not pass on the information to the field engineers or the field engineers aren't able to do the job due to lack of either knowledge or simply a care damn attitude as neither of them seem to be answerable to anyone. Thus the complaint isn't attended to days on end. Wonderful!

    Why you should take a tata indicom broadband connection?

    If you have too much black money with you, if you want to suffer from hypertension, if you long to feel like being cheated out of your hard earned money, if you like to jump through red taped attitudes, if your hobby is to be endlessly on the phone (You just might end up doing that with their helpdesk), then i would highly recommend you to go for a tata indicom broadband connection. Otherwise do not go for tata indicom broadband connection at any cost!!! Avoid it like a plague!

    My connection has been down since a week now, i had given a complaint at the helpdesk, they gave me a complaint number & assured me my problem would be resolved withing 4 hours (I think they meant 4 hours on pluto & not earth as it has been over a week already). I have typed all this in a notepad & pasted it over the mtnl free dialup connection.

    Ps: if you have had a bitter experience with tata indicom broadband connection, feel free to share it with us, you can also email me at dishtvtatasky[at]

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  • Mj
      Sep 07, 2007
    Tata Indicom Broadband - Not activating night unlimited plan!

    I have bb connection in tata indicom. My validity period was expire so call the exe of tata indicom bb, he came with renewal pack eve but that time it was not activated and i told him to activate night unlimited plan. He said it will activate automatically today night. But still it is not activate now my balance 100 only!

    Beware of their poor service!

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  • Ar
      Apr 29, 2008
    Tata Indicom Broadband - Bad and unprofessional service

    This to bring to the public, the harrowing experiece I had with the TATA Indicom broad band service.

    I had subscribed to the broadband service in [protected]@ Sultanpalya in Bangalore.It is a wireline broad band connection. The cable was a overhead wire that was pulled from the closest control centre of TATA Indicom.

    Initially the cable used to get snapped regularlysince the company laid it over the other's houses. Once this problem (3months )was rectified...The modem started crashing every second day. Finally better sense prevailed on them and in the last week of November they changed the modem.

    My woes did not end there from here the server problems started. The cable if it is not snapped, the server would be down and the TATA Indiconm team takes large amount of time rectifying the problem.

    This goe on and on every month with out any end. Effectively I get to use the broad band for a week or so every month.

    One thing is prompt is the bill and the collection.

    Not only this the customer service call centre line is as in efficient as the technical team.

    They appologise 100 times but will not take the right step to resolve the problem.I do not know why they call them technical help desk on the IVR?

    Finally I have taken the decision to put a hardstop to my distress.
    I have cancelled the service. these people are now lazy to collect the modem and switch. they are also not eager to send me my deposit amount. What else do you call this kind of terrible service? hopeless, pathetic, unprofessional!

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  • Ve
      May 12, 2009

    I too had bitter experience with tata indicom photon connection. Worst service in the whole world. I have not used the device not even for one day. But, I am charged for Rs. 1350/-. I strongly suggest everyone not to go for Tata indicom's any services.

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  • So
      Oct 01, 2009
    Tata Indicom Broadband - Ratan tata is fooling public

    Hello All,

    I would want to say that there exists an Organization called TATAINDICOMBROADBAND Service by the most reputed TATA's ofcourse, they are fooling public by placing the offer and not giving the correct service and the saying the money is non-refundable!!

    Dont you think that this is crazy!!

    I have got this TATA Internet service 15 days(16/09/2017) back and till today i.e., 01/10/2017..i was able to avail the service only 90% the service was disabled...(Problems : Cable Unplugged / IP Address Conflict)...Moreover and QuickHeal .com is not accessible...

    When i went to complain so called Nodal officers ...joke they are more big ### then customer care executives ;-)
    I mean no insect is moving on anyone's ear!!!

    I am very upset..I dont want to try to the second level esclation Applatte Authority...

    I urge everyone...not to go for the TATA service...!!


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