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Hi! This is not the norm for me but I am spent! Weekends are a horrible at Target flooded with unsupervised teenagers running amuck.

Yesterday, I witnessed two teenagers tossing the ball back and forth down the isle giggling as if it were a playground. I saw this from the adjacent Isle, the height of the ball was so high I saw it float through the air, and I'm short! Well, I've had it with these ( ugh sigh) little humans, as I walked by I gave them the mom look and said " how old are you guys? " it was not a pretty look I felt bad for them! Seriously, it's gotten out of hand. A friend started she witnessed a security guard approach the kid but the brat outran them. Please hire more security guards. It's no joke, love the store but not the teenagers.
Be well

Jan 28, 2017
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  •   Jan 29, 2017

    Why should they spend money to hire security guards? They are not babysitters. If it really bothered you, you could have had a backbone and confronted the mom about her brats, or you could have called the cops and the department of children's services. But no, you jumped on the internet like a keyboard warrior.

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  •   Aug 15, 2017

    I think you should have just walked away after commenting and left it at that—unless they were trashing something you could just take it upon yourself to see it in a good light, rather than stay disgruntled. Though I can sympathize with that natural feeling of annoyance, I try to analyze why I'm irritated at the situation in the first place—like, does it really matter? am I blowing this out of proportion? If I feel disturbed enough I might remark, but then I may incur the cost of derogatory backlash etc. So if there isn't really a problem above "annoyance level" I just try to find a way to think more positively about it, like the fact I used to be young and energetic and annoying sometimes, and should have the capacity to understand.

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