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1 Pearland, TX, United States

Hello. My name is Melanie and I visited the Store 11/7/16 (Pearland Silverlake)because I felt I didn't receive all my items from sat. The tall Black lady in management viewed footage twice because I did not disputed what was seen I just wanted my items (I was offered a gift card before she assisted). My complaint is her attitude. As a former retail manager myself I felt she was looking for a negative solution than a positive solution . Example: I said to her I took the bags then decided to go to the restroom so I asked the cashier if I can place the bag here and go. She said fine. The manager viewing the footage didn't see that part (because she stopped viewing)when she spoke with me the first time and told me I didn't go to the restroom when I did and she added insult to injury by saying "that footage has nothing to do with it". Do I want a gift card? No. I really feel strongly that all my items were not given to me but my complaint is on her attitude. As a former retail manager of Express and Limited in my early 20's I would not have appeared with "an already attitude" when John and the cashier (Jersey accent) were so much more friendly. By the way I am also African American so this is not a race complaint this is a complaint of a rude attitude, demeanor and horrible customer service on her part when it came to me the customer. So the items I was in search for were like$30.00 but I spent a total of $220.00. I just decided to return ($167.00 amount of cloths) what I had because I knew I could have went to Walmart (which I did) and purchased the same total of cloths ($137.00) for my daughter. Please speak with her about her attitude which was totally unnecessary regardless of the situation. Again I'm not looking for any gift card don't want it. I just wish she conversed with me more positive than with a "negative attitude".

Nov 8, 2016

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