Target.comextra long lines

It has become a reoccurring theme that every time I visit the local Target near my job in Martinsburg, WV I am found waiting 20-25 minutes in line. I understand that some patience is required in life and especially when interacting in public, but I truly feel that Target should at least try to accommodate consumers by calling more tellers up front.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Martinsburg, WV I am not sure what the company policy is with when to request more help to the front, but waiting 25+ minutes and having lines as far back as the first area of clothes and jewelry is ridiculous. Not to mention that waiting that long while on a quick one hour lunch break is going to continue to deter consumers from "stopping by" Target real quick to grab some items. After waiting 25 minutes consistently in line, I have decided that Target stores and inconvenience are no longer for me, I have found myself going to any other store in the shopping center but yours.

Feb 03, 2017

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