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Target Stores / terrible return policy

1 219 BasswoodLake Jackson, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 979-297-2135 (5)

My son bought a portable baby swing at Target that didn't work. I said I would take it back for him since he was flying out of town the next day. When he bought it, he tore off the bottom of the receipt that had the gift receipt attached to it and threw it away at the store before leaving. About 36 hours later I brought the Original Receipt and the Defective Swing for a refund. They informed me the item had already been refunded the day before. They could not see the impossibility of that statement. Upon checking, the gift receipt from the garbage was used for the refund. They refused to do anything for me. Now I have a defective product that I can not even give to charity and they seem to have a employee scam going on, since the refund could not have involved the product since I still have the worthless product. I reported this scam to the corporate office and they said the money has been refunded and there is nothing they can do. How about honor their return policy and treat ME like the honest citizen instead of the criminal? I am going to make sure everyone knows what a risk they are taking when shopping at this store!

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      12th of Sep, 2008
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    I'm stuck with a worthless Schwinn mountain bike that I bought at Target. Most of the spokes have broken on both the front and back wheel. They took my bike for 3 months and promised me a repair per the work order that they filled out and had me sign. I left the bike there all summer. 3 months later, they told me to pick up my bike. They didn't do any repairs. I wasted $90 on gas traveling back and forth meeting with the manager, bike associates and refund/exchange ###s. Every person I dealt with was incompetent. I called the guest relations dept. and I kept getting handed off to someone else until I had spoken with 4 different people. Their final answer "there's nothing we can do." They should change their name to "There's Nothing We Can Do." It fits well. I will never shop at Target again. Worst retail chain on the planet!!!

  • Ma
      24th of Jan, 2009
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    I agree that Target Stores have an "Target is Always Right" attitude! My first big encounter occurred this post-Christmas. I bought a Wii, Wii Fit, and extra nunchuks and controllers. They were to be Christmas gifts. These "hot selling" items were difficult to find and so when I saw one, I grabbed it! I made certain that Target would extend the 90 day return policy, because I was buying it more than 90 days before Christmas. It turns out that even though I had a gift receipt, because the receipt was older than 90 days, I could not return the extra nunchuk! I have to wait a year to return it! They are totally unreasonable. The package was still factory sealed. I had the receipt. It was not an item that could not be resold. They wouldn't even let me exchange it for anything. I will NEVER shop at Target stores again. That company needs to read: SATISFIED CUSTOMERS TELL THREE FRIEND, ANGRY CUSTOMERS TELL 3, 000! I am totally finished with Target

  • Oc
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    i have had 2 bad experiences at target in lake jackson and last friday was the last bad one i will ever have there and i will let everyone i know not to shop there i wanted to purchase a clearance item a patio set i didnt have my truck with me so i told the male clerk that i would pay for it and be back within the hour he left came back and said cant hold clearance merchandise went to front to speak with manager that never even took the time to come out and speak with me sent clerk back out to tell me couldnt hold clearance items i was going to purchase this item and they refused to sell it to me. if i had a number to the corporate office i will call and let them know how crappy their customer service is at their store was going to buy a car seat at target that day instead took my business to walmart across the street

  • Li
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    I made a purchase on Saturday evening and upon paying I asked the cashier if I payed by check what was the return policy, the cashier stated that I could return it as soon as that night and get a refund... I returned the next day, with merchandise still in sellable condition to get a refund and was denied! I spoke to the manager and explained to her when I asked the cashier for the check policy she said I could receive a refund as soon as that same night. She apologized for the cashier giving me the wrong information but then went a step further to tell me that I had to wait 15 days for the check to clear for a refund... 15 days, what kind of stuff is that I asked her. This is an in state check, why would it take that long? I asked her where was this policy written and how would I know this if the cashier wasn't even able to inform me of their policy-- as I looked on the fine print of the receipt and all around their return area ... nothing posted! HOW in the world can a company get away with such foolishness, this is just the craziest policy of disception on the consumer I have ever witnessed. I was given the 1800 number and given a case number and told to call back on Monday to speak to the specialist about my problem. I just can't/don't understand how a company of this size would do such shady business! They lost a customer for sure!!

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