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I was doing some Christmas shopping at Target. At the checkout I wrote a check for the amount of purchase ($127.?) The check was rejected by their computer. I was aghast! I was embarrassed! Our personal account is never low on funds. So, I tried another check from another account. Same thing. Rejected again. NO SHORTAGE there either! With many people in line behind me I was humbled as they passed me to the customer service desk. It ended up taking me an hour of my time to find out that a check I had written there on Dec. 6th had been entered incorrectly into the computer which failed to allow my check to be endorsed on the back for the correct account. Long story short - TARGET'S ERROR - MY EMBARRASSMENT!!! I did further checking from home in the days ahead and found the problem was totally not mine. All 3 of the accounts we were dealing with had money to cover my checks. It will be awhile before I take myself to Target and risk being put through that again.
I was shocked when the lady said "Maybe you've exceeded your spending limit!" I said "I wasn't aware I had one"!
I doubt there'll be any compensation for my embarrassment! But I feel better getting the word out there.

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  • Me
      Dec 23, 2009

    Maybe you should move into the 21st century and get a debit card.

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