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Target has a good system working with respect to denying refunds. To begin with, I've noticed their receipts fade very soon after the purchase to the point they are unreadable. Twice, I've taken my valid receipts with unopened merchandise (one a high-dollar item), and have been denied a refund because of one or two unreadable numbers on the bottom of the receipt. This happens despite the fact my receipt clearly has a date printed on it that is within the refund guidelines and the item I'm returning is listed on it as well. Yet the faded receipt, only a couple of weeks old, has a bar card that won't scan and the numbers have faded so that some cannot be read easily enough to just key in.

I am shocked that this retailer can stand there and tell me, "Sorry, we can't give you a refund (only a gift card)" even though my receipt is valid and the item is on it! This last incident had me call for a supervisor and point out to him that nowhere on the return policy does it state that an item could not be eligible for cash refund if your valid receipt has numbers that don't scan or that are too faded to read. It's a scam! I made the customer service rep enter every number option for the two missing numbers on the receipt. And, surprise--the correct receipt number came up on their register. They were hoping I'd let it go and just bite the big one on my purchase. No way, Jose.


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      Sep 28, 2009

    It's the biggest SCAM ever. The same happened to me. I had a receipt that clearly showed the date, the items, the totals and even the store address. But their magically fading ink made it impossible for them to scan the receipt, so no refund for the item I paid cash for. After 30 minutes of saying there was NOTHING they could do and speaking to about 4 different people on the phone, they finally gave me a store credit. If you could give me a store credit, why not offer that up front instead of saying there is NOTHING they can do? That is the LAST penny I'll spend at their store. I'd rather pay more for better customer service and receipts that don't fade less than 3 weeks after they are given. Target should be ashamed.

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