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I am a young American American female who is a frequent target shopper. When I enter the manchester or enfield CT store I am followed every time I walk into the store. I try to shop the store looking for deals I will watch an item that I want and continue to go to the store to check if it has been marked own low enough for me. It’s frustrating having someone follow you around the store as if you did something. I have call the office with several complaints regarding this issue as well as calling complaining about your employees putting items in their carts while their marking items down.

Every time I call customer service someone apologizes for my experience and state they will send my complaint to corporate office . I have never stole anything in my life and never will if you need me to see you my background checks I can because I am so fed up with this serve form of harassment. Know one should feel the why I do when I come into the store. I use to love shop at target but now I feel I’m a big TARGET every time I go into the store . I would not wish this type of experience on anyone. I plan to contact the better business bureau if I continue to go through the chain of command and nothing gets done about.

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  • Th
      4th of May, 2012

    What solid facts do you have that this is only because of your race? You don't have any? Then quit making terrible accusations.

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  • Si
      16th of Aug, 2012

    Actually, Target is very diverse, especially with their employment. To be honest, if an African American person without any retail experience and a White American person with years of experience and good references to prove it, the African American person will get the job. Their tolerance for bad behavior is MUCH higher when it comes to African American employees compared to White American employees. I highly doubt your race has anything to do with why they follow you around. If they truly were suspicious of your behavior they would have a plain clothed loss prevention employee following you around rather than the obvious red and khaki clothes employees. I'm sure they're just doing their job with the "how may I help you?" slogan or whatever it is. Also, how do you know the employees are putting items that they marked down in their cart as they're marking them down? It would be rather obvious to EVERYONE if they were walking around with a cart of their own merchandise to be purchased during their lunch break! They usually do their markdowns in the back or before the store opens. If they're relocating the items they have to put them in a cart to move them to another location.

    Seriously though, the whole racial profiling is pretty unbelievable knowing that Target would hire someone unqualified in every way for a position because they're African American.

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