Target Brands / target red card fraud that they won't remove

United States

Icannot access my account at all. Target told the complaint board they fixed my card but they didnt-they still have a huge sum of money due in fact they added different charges which made the card havea higher balane than it did when this fraudstartd back in April.
I had the card paid off. They keep removing charges and then add a ton back on.
I have talked to so many people that claim they are "supervisors" but then they end up saying I have to talk to Julie-who was nasty to me, the one and only time she was available.
This headache has been going on since March and the hours and hours of time and I can't get anyone to help! I got 1 letter saying they removed the charges but they added different charges that were removed in the beginning that were fraud and still leave me with charges I shouldn't have. I want as many people to know about targets red card so they don't live this 6month nightmare I am in.

Sep 27, 2017

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