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11/27/2017- I went to order an amazon fire 8 32GB tablet in pink because it was such a great deal at 89.99 plus 15% off!The deal ended at 11:59pm I spent the evening trying to order it online and kept getting that it was unavailable within 100 miles.So I tried the blue case one and it said adding to cart...YAY!.. then, on the side, it popped up that it was out of stock. Today, 11/28/2017, they have them again... the gal I chatted with just said that they sell out quickly and get them in quickly is all. Was the online ordering working? Do you know if there will be deals after Christmas on them or is there any way to resolve the issue with the ordering online. I love shopping at target and get all my diapers there as well.
Thanks for any way you can help me.

Nov 28, 2017

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