Taco Cabanaunethical behaviour

My name is Ana Womack and I am submitting this letter to inform you of an inappropriate situation that I experienced at the Taco Cabana (TC) Restaurant located at 8030 Culebra Road, San Antonio, TX 78251.

On July 26, 2018, I stopped by the TC Store #20130 and ordered food. While there, I spoke with the Manager (Jeannette—Employee #133212) on duty and asked if I was still on the TC payroll as an active employee because for the last four (4) months, I have not worked at TC for some time due to work conflicts with my primary job.

At that time, Jeannette (Employee #133212) advised that I was not on the TC payroll any longer. When it was explained to me that I was no longer eligible for the TC employee discount, I then gave them my husband's Military ID Card because my husband is in the military and he was waiting in the car for me. My husband's Military ID was used as a discount for my order. I then informed Jeannette (Employee #133212) that I needed to place an order for four (4) boxes of breakfast tacos for the following day (Friday, 7/27/2018). I asked, Jeannette (Employee #133212) if I needed to pay for the order that night [protected]), and Jeannette (Employee #133212) stated that I could pay for the order on Friday morning.

On July 27, 2018, I stopped by TC around 7:00 AM to pick up my order (four (4) boxes of breakfast tacos). Due to the fact that I was a former employee of TC, the employee taking my order asked if I was supposed to receive a discount and I told her "yes." Now remember, the night before [protected]), I showed my husband military ID Card Jeannette (Employee #133212), placed my order with Jeannette (Employee #133212), and Jeannette (Employee #133212) told me that I would receive a military discount for the order.

At that time, I handed the TC employee (Norma) my credit card, but I did not look at the total of the bill. Jeannette (Employee #133212) immediately walked up to the cash register and told Norma that I was not supposed to get the employee discount because I no longer worked for TC . Jeannette (Employee #133212) then stated that she had told all TC employees that I did not work there any longer. I then told Jeannette (Employee #133212) that I was not aware that Norma was referring to the TC employee discount and I thought she was referring to my husband's military discount. Again, remember that the night before, Jeannette (Employee #133212) approved my husband's military discount for the order/pick up that morning.

After noticing that Norma had listed my discount as an employee discount, I immediately asked Norma to void that transaction and to provide me a correct invoice using my husband's military discount.

Suddenly, Jeannette (TC Manager), in the presence of everyone including both TC employees and other TC customers stated to me in Spanish "Cabrona tu sabas que no tienes el descuento." For your information, "Cabrona" is Spanish vulgar slang word meaning son of a [censored], [censored], or swine. I immediately informed Jeannette (Employee #133212) that I was not a (Cabrona) and that I was very offended by her disrespectful words and attitude considering that I was a former employee and now a paying "CUSTOMER." After telling Jeannette (Employee #133212) how offended I was, she walked away and did not even apologize for her inappropriate and inconsiderate actions.

I would like to state for the record that I was extremely embarrassed being called a Cabrona in the presence of TC customers and TC employees and very offended by her callous & deplorable words to intentionally inflict pain. It should be noted that Jeannette (Employee #133212) had previously approved my husband's military discount on the night of [protected] and at that time, she instructed me to pay for the order on the morning of [protected]. When I reported TC to pay/pick up my order, Jeannette (Employee #133212) accused me of trying to use an employee discount when I was aware I was not an employee and when she (Jeannette--Employee #133212) had previously approved the military discount the night before. Instead, she insulted me by calling me a "Cabrona" and I resent the fact that TC Manager would conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner to a customer at the same time, provide negative role modeling for subordinate TC employees.

I sincerely hope that the TC Corporate Office does not condone the actions of one of their Manager's calling any customer a derogatory name…especially in the presence of other TC employees as well as TC customers. Her comments towards me were abrasive, accusatory, and inflammatory in nature as well as a direct attack on my integrity and I am formally requesting to speak with a Corporate Regional Director about this incident.

Jul 27, 2018

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