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money network

I hate money network it makes me want to rip my eyes out. The mobile app won't work because every time I register at some point in the process when I try to submit my information it tells me something is incorrect when its not. For example one page I typed and confirmed my email (correctly at that) and checked off 4 boxes then I can't move past that point when I've done everything correctly! Now I have to call and hear annoying talking when I just want to see my freaking balance!!!

40 minute wait incorrect order

Store #20256 Taco Cabana Humble, Tx After a long day, I stopped here for quick and easy food. I placed my...

thousand oaks @ perrin beitel

Incredibly bad service and poor food quality (even for a fast food taco place). One example: went through drive thru in the morning. I was asked to pull up even though no one was behind me. I then watched as three workers stood around while one supposedly put together my order. She talked with her hands, clearly taking her time. My order was finally brought out, only to find out it was incorrect. The worker left to fix it and never came back. I backed up to the window and asked to speak to the manager. Turns out she was the one talking away while making my order. The tacos were tiny, made incorrectly (I was charged for items but given the wrong items) and room temperature. The manager could not have cared less. She didn't apologize - just sort of walked away from the window. I was simply amazed. No wonder that place is always quiet. It's a good thing there are many options for tacos here.

rude service and lying employees

I just encountered one of Taco Cabana's rudest employees to date, her name is Luara, employee number...

accuracy & customer service

I went through the drive thru Monday evening. I made sure to tell the guy who took my order that I wanted double rice instead of the beans and papas that my meal typically comes with. At the window, I asked the gal for extra salsa. She rolled her eyes at me and threw it in the bag. Okay. . . that pissed me off, but I was willing to let it slide. After all, she works fast food and was obviously unhappy. But then I got home and found that my order was wrong. I didn't get my double rice. I didn't get any sides at all. I called the store and the girl that answered (Irma) barely spoke English. She argued with me and told me that my plate didn't come with any sides. Really?! Then she hung up on me. I called back and talked with a manager, Jose. He was almost as bad as Irma, but he did at least speak English. In the end, nothing was done. He didn't even offer an apology. I sincerely doubt I'll revisit this location.

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tortilla soup burned my daughter due to inadequate lids

On January 14, 2011 my mother purchased Tortilla Soup for my daughter. Upon arriving home, my daughter took...

food poisining

Stopped in at Taco Cabana In a hurry got Cabana bowl -beef-.Next day
I got diahrea .Was not to bad but got worse thought it should run its
course in couple days.Wrong lasted 8 days. Next day I took it easy.
Then the following day my right foot swelled up.I thought maybe
I had unknowingly sprained it . Couple days later left foot swelled up.
Had to get crutches and lift myself with just arms .Then my shoulder
got strained >I have been fighting this for almost 3 months.Beware
of Taco Cabana food could be bad for your health.

  • Ka
    Katana1 Jun 30, 2010

    U bet its filthy. The baracho beans had cigarette ashes and butts in them. Nasty b______.

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s* employee bad customer service

I received an email from taco cabana, i'm in their email list, the email had a coupon for $5.00 of the fajitas to go box, well before i ordered i told the employee i have a coupon, he looked at the coupon and said No, i can't take this this is not real, what in the world okay maybe he's not understanding me, i told listen i received this email coupon and printed it out this is it, he continued to say repeatly like a robot, no i can't take this, this is not good no, i mean this man was talking to me like if i was trying to commit fraud or something infront of a house full of customers just starring at me, so embarassing, i was so mad, i wasn't going to call the manager and complaint to him for what we as a consumer no thats not how it works i was going to contact a bigger person in the industry, maybe regional mgr.Because then something would have been done, but this idiot got super lucky my computer broke down the next day and by the time i got it fixed was a week and a half, i mean i memorized his name and what he looked like, i don't think they take me seriously after almost 2 wks, here's a tip TO ALL MY FELLOW PEOPLE THAT HAVE COME THROUGH REALLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, IF U WANT TO COMPLAINT AND ACTUALLY MAKE THAT INDIVIDUAL PAY FOR HIS BAD TREATMENT TOWARD U THE CUSTOMER, COMPLAINT TO A HIGHER BRANCH IN THE COMPANY, IF U COMPLAINT TO THE MGR, HE'LL ACT LIKE HE CARES, ONCE U LEAVE BOTH THE EMPLOYEE AND HIM WOULD LAUGH AT U, I MEAN NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO FIND OUT, THE MGR ISN'T GOING TO LET HIS BOSS KNOW.

ruined my interior

I went thru this store's drive thru where I ordered 2 bowls of Chicken Tortilla Soups to go. The man handed my food and I left. I placed the bag in the floor next to my leg and held it with one hand becuase I had just bought my brand new car. When I got home and pulled into the garage I picked the bag up and as soon as I got it right infront of me the bottom of the bag fell out and burned my legs and hands as well as soup went all over the interior of my car. The lid on the cup of soup was cut or broken and they placed a thin piece of tin foil over it, then placed the other bowl on top of it. So as you could imagine, as soon as it started to be transported it started leaking down the side of the bowl into the bottom of the bag. I called the manager and she said that the food was not packaged correctly becuase it should have been placed into a plastic bag. She told me that she was going to get a claim over the their risk managment team to have my car cleaned and told me not to worry. Now, the company will not return my calls and the insurance company is stating that they are not going to do anything becuase they were told by their CORPORATE people that were not even there that the food was packaged correctly. I asked if they reviewed the tapes on the servailance to see how it was packaged and Liberty Mutual stated that they have not and will not because they dont feel that I have not assured them that I didnt spill the soup in my car. I still have the bag and the cups that show the tear in the lid and bottom of the bag has been soaked through, so when he asked how they are not sure that I didnt turn it over, I simply siad that I do have proof, the bag is perfectly clean and white on all four sides, just the bottom is stained and torn. I guess I also formed the two blisters on my hand to so that I could get my brand new car cleaned...give me a break. They refused to watch the video and said they are not doing anything. They are nothing but liars and cowards and If I can find an attorney is willing to sue them than I am going to.

got fired for no reason

Goodmorning, who ever is reading this! Ive been working for Taco Cabana company Going for 5 yrs. I'm an Employee and a good worker there until i got fired for not doing a GM (General Manager) job. I loved working there at a fast food Restaurant it was fun when we had rushes. Well, Back to the storie we had almost 4 new Gm since ive been working there yeah they were cool and had no problems. My job was always to clean and restock for the next shift. Well the new GM that just started Taco Cabana not even 2 weeks ago had no experienced never worked there ever in his life just applied for the position as A GM (yeah that's dumb). And i for 4 goin on 5 years of experienced i knew how to do everything that any Manager can do. The last GM moved to another store but before he left he told me just to help him out with the Inventory till he knows how things go in the store me as a nice guy said "yes". There was a Taco Cabana meeting not far from where I stayed. I was not certified and not schedule to go to that meeting but i was asked if i can go so i can meet him! I went the next day to the meeting and the DL (district Leader) was there with the new GM for our store. The first thing the DL told the GM about me was ( He is a good guy verything is clean stock and his job done and you will never have any problems with him) I with a smile. Well yeah i was there till the meeting was over I went straight home to get some rest cause I worked only over nights (Graveyards).Well I went to work that night and he showed up he told me if i can help him with the inventory so I left my other crew by them self so i can help the GM. It was already 1 Weeks later he told me (You think you can do the inventory for me cause i have to do some things on the computer I was nice to say Yes?) Well guess what he got use to me doing the Inventory everyday. Third week came by it was on a wedsday going on Thursday Morning. I was able to do the inventory cause i had to catch up on my cleaning and plus we had alot of call in orders. The GM got there 3 hours before inventory supposed to be posted 30 min till 7 he asked me did you do inventory I replied back telling him no I cant today im busy He called the DL and told him I was NOt following his directions and that he was going to let me go. I worked Thursday night going on Friday Morning (Shift 11:oo pm to 7:00am) the Gm shows up at 4:30am and not talks to me i didnt mind? So I kept doing my job and I also did inventory for him still NO replied from him. Well it was about to be 7:00am till he told me I need to let you go ( fired) I asked why (He said i was aked to do something and i did not follow his Directions) I was k let me call my DL he picked and i told him i was getting fired by my GM and my DL said well you refuse to follow orders so we are going to let you go? I was mad cause that job was not mine I called Cooperate they defended the GM wich that was not right.

unsanitary kitchen practices

April 17, 2009

I went through the drive through and as I was waiting, I watched how the kitchen workers were preparing food. A Mexican girl had a plastic glove on her right hand. Picked up a rag and wiped off the counter area. Used the same hand to pick up a tortilla then stuck that same hand in the lettuce, etc. When I received my order, I went inside to talk to the manager. I explained what I had observed and said it wasn't right and they needed to use sanitary practices. The manager apologized. Then she said, "Do you speak Spanish?" I replied I spoke some Spanish. She said, "You need to tell her - she doesn't speak any English." I was appalled and said, "I'm in the United States - I don't need to speak Spanish to anyone!" Again she asked me to talk to her in Spanish. How was she taught about sanitary practices in food preparation? Really not happy about this. A lot of illegals work in food prep and that's a scary thing.

cracked tooth &liars&

June 0f 2006 my husband and I went in to Taco Cabana on I.H 35 and Rittaman Rd. In San Antonio Texas. Well me...

food handeling

I went through the drive thru this morning (10/8/2008) and ordered two breakfast tacos with cheese. When I pulled up to the window, I could see the tortillas and filling sitting on the counter without the shredded cheese. The employee taking the orders with the headset looked at them, then reached into the cheese bin BARE HANDED, put the cheese on the tacos, wrapped them up and in the bag they went. I was abosolutely disgusted because I had just witnessed him touching the very grimey computer screen AND his headset ON his head with the same hands that went into the cheese. I pointed out the fact he had no gloves on and I didn't want them. With NO apology, he turned to another employee and had her fix 2 more. Well with tongs this time, she put the cheese on two new tacos! HELLO! It was the same cheese bin this guys dirty hands were JUST in!!! ABSOLUTELY UNSANITARY! When I saw how they just didn't care and didn't get it - I just drove off and let them waste their 4 tacos! I'll never eat there again! The new Taco Cabana at 635/Beltline in Irving TX. ICK!

maggots in food


horrible, horrible, horrible customer service

I went to eat at Taco Cabana's Fuqua location last night with my husband at 12:45AM. I ordered my meal...

no attention to order

Clueless Staff!!
With the economy being at the level it is, our monies will have value at another fast food drive thru who can get our order right without having to back track and ask about the rest of an order & repeat ourselves after you have our money!!!
The Mexicans though attractive and confused Do NOt have command of the English ( Engleesh?)Language well enough to take a drive thur order: A simple order from your posted window menu:One Enchilada Dinner, One Carne Guisada Taco and 1 Ultimate burrito?
I received 2 Tacos, 1 Enchilada, rice and beans, No Tortillas.
I will take my $12.55 hard earned money elsewhere as you will not take the paying customer seriously due to a one time captive audience, but as times get tighter You Will!!

thank you,


ON august 10, 2017 my husband and i went to taco cabana location in garland, tx and the lady at the drive...

rudest manager ever

Don’t go to Taco Cabana unless you want to get poor/no service, treated rudely, cursed at, and reported...

rude service at taco cabana

Today I had a few friends over for the weekend and around noon we decided to go pickup some Taco Cabana. I...

terrible service!

Last weekend we went to the Taco Cabana by Geronimo in El Paso Texas. It was a big mistake for us to even...

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