Taco Bell / management

Taco bell on belair red has the rudest general manager i've ever met in my entire life! (Her name is stacy) she had the nerve to ask me "who this" when I called to ask what time to pick someone up who doesn't have there own phone that's why I called the store. And not to mention when she answered the phone I thought I was talking to a 15 year old hood rat (No in not racist my boyfriend is black and nieces and nephews) and when I asked her who she thought she was talking to she said she was stressed I don't care how stressed you are im a customer and i'm sure not your kid or employee. You should really consider age when hiring managers because she's really let her job get to her head I guess she thinks she's general manager of augusta ga that's how she acts. Ill never eat at taco bell again and hope no one is seeking a job there she's awful! Im sure she won't get in trouble or talked to because that's why she acts how she does because she doesn't get in trouble but its worth a shot she has been rude to many times

Mar 20, 2017

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