Taco Bell / dishonest employee

Cayce, SC, United States

I visit this particular taco bell frequently because its close by to my job. Today (10/20/2017) I visited as normal, service was good however I lost some money and did not know until about 30 mins later. My coworker who was with me told me the manager found said money. I called to see if I could return to claim the money but the same manager who found it told me that the person who found it had left already, (I was talking to the person on the phone). I feel that if money is lost in any kind of establishment that their first stop is to check your registers, then ask any customers if they lost money. If the money is not claimed by the end of the day there are two choices: 1) cash it into the register 2) person who found it keeps it. This tells me as a customer that there may be some dishonesty in this location and I do not think I will return.

Oct 20, 2017

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