Taco Bell / 7 layer burrito

My husband and I visited the Taco Bell today in Hastings, MI.
I paid $15.01 for 2 "7 layer burritos", a Lg & Md drink, and a 2x Chicken Bowl.
The 7 layer burritos were pathetically meager in content and may as well have been soft taco supremes considering the price we paid for them.
My husband inquired about them but got mostly excuses about cutbacks on calories, etc...?
We were VERY disappointed and felt misled by what should have been a very FILLING meal.
I STRONGLY SUGGEST that if Taco Bell is THAT concerned about cutting calories, they should consider offering a choice of "regular" 7 layer burritos with acceptable content comparable to it's presumed name as well as a "low calorie" choice so one does not feel cheated paying a high price for "7 layers" of next to nothing.
If we had wanted that, we'd have just paid for the soft taco supreme.


Heather & Rick Melkonian
1815 U Drive
Hastings, MI 49058

Nov 17, 2017

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