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T-Mobile / rebates not recieved

1 Waterbury, CT, United States

I signed up with T-Mobile in June of 2004. I got what I thought was a decent plan at $39.99 for 600 minutes per month, a one year contract, and a Samsung phone which came with a $50 mail in rebate. I sent in all the paperwork and never got the $50 rebate. After a few aggravating months, I stopped calling T-Mobile and accepted the $50 loss. In September 2007, I decided to upgrade my phone, which also came with a $50 mail in rebate and of course I had to extend my contract with T-Mobile for another two years. I received the phone in a timely manner but with absolutely no paperwork, for the rebate, nor the charges for the new phone. I called T-Mobile days later to see why I haven’t received the bill or rebate forms and was assured that I would receive those in the mail. I never got them. I called T-Mobile again and was told to wait until the charges were put on my credit card and then to call their office to have the rebate forms sent to me. Well, it wasn’t until late November 2007 that my credit card was charged for the new phone. I called their office on December 2, 2007 to discuss this with them and the representative that helped me told me that I had to call Young America (the company that deals with all their rebate offers) to have them mail me the rebate forms. Now the representative at Young America (Lewis #493366) tells me that they cannot mail me any rebate forms, T-Mobile has to do that. So I call T-Mobile once again. This time, their representative (Jenna #0150409) tells me that they cannot mail me the rebate forms either. WHY AM I GETTING THE RUN AROUND? I don’t understand, so I request to speak to a supervisor or another representative that could better assist me and all she does is say, “I understand how you feel, but there is nothing that we can do.” I also tell her that I was given the run around when I first signed up with T-Mobile and that I refuse to let them do the same to me again and that now I am just requesting that T-Mobile credit my account for $50. She refused to that by saying again, “I understand how you feel, but there is nothing that we can do.” T-Mobile is simply refusing to send me the rebate forms and if they ever do, then I will be denied the rebate because I didn’t file it in a timely manner with the company. T-Mobile has seriously disappointed me. I will never recommend them. I will make sure that I tell everyone about how T-Mobile has no regard for their customers.

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