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T-Mobile S4 / out of warranty fee

1 St Paul, United States

Wow, it looks like is a lot of people with the same issues. Anyone willing to team up and sue them? Here is my situation. For months now I have had issues with the phone since had replaced it under warranty exchange. When I got the first exchange the phones were not working properly so in Nov/Dec 2014. I did another replacement. I got the phones back and one of my lines 2227 had something wrong with it, it just over heated and did not turn on, they said it could be a battery issue, paid and got a new battery from them and the phone still did not turn on. 2266 kept dropping calls and would not connect to the net, so that phone got replaced too. We go out replacement phones in the mail, sent the old ones back. Then got a letter in the mail stating that I was being charge Out of Warranty fee. I called to see what the issue was, 1st rep said she could not find anything information. I told her my phone was not damaged when it was sent in, I even have pictures. She told me I understand, wait til the charge post then call back to see what's wrong and have them credit the charge back. I called back after the charge post, the 2nd rep told me I was charged bc the phone was not return. I said that's bs bc both phone were returned the same day at UPS and if I got a letter that means they received it, she then stated she would file a ticket for it and have them research it. No one called back. So I did online chat with them 7/6/16, and they said they have it NOW the charge is for damage charging port and sent me the image of it. My phone was never damaged. I was able to charge my phone just fine on 2266 line. Never had an issue with it, so no way possible that was my phone. They were still trying to claim that it is possible to still charge the phone with a damaged port. NO, NOT IF YOU SEE THIS!! Then they tried to tell me well you did report the phone was not turning on, and I said what does that have to do with the 2266 line that I am being charged for. Do you guys even know what your are talking about? So in the end they said I owe them $400!!! I asked for more pictures or proof, if I am responsible I will gladly pay. He said they cannot reach Repair Center, no way to contact them. I said that is a lie bc if they can contact you I am sure there is a way. I asked what do they do with the phones then and he stated they keep the phones there. But when I talked to the manager today she said when the phones get sent back to Repair Center they get destroyed and parted out to other companies. If there is a dispute the phone should be held for a period of time before doing anything to it. That is destroying evidence, is it not if we have to go to court? But I called Samsung, they said the phone if it does not have water damage they send it back to the carrier as a refurbish phone and they sell them or use as warranty replacement. This company got me messed up what can I do from here? We need to do something. I have been with them 8 years never had a problem replacing phones, until now and they are just saying this is what we have you are stuck with the bill and we can set up payment arrangement. Does this look like a port you can still charge the phone with and use? No, they are not looking at the issue! Does this look like a port you can still use to charge a phone? Email me!!!

T-Mobile S4

Jul 8, 2015

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