T-Mobile / insurance / customer service

Miami, United States

T-mobil bad experience: after being with them for 5 years one of my daughters lost her phone, as I pay for insurance I called them; they disconnected her phone and authorized shipment of another. Same day "saturday" she found the phone, we called back they said to call on Monday as it was Saturday and the warehouse was closed. I asked her phone to be unblocked as she found it, they would not do it. They explained it was fraud and until I had proof the shipment was stopped... or they got it back they would not do it. Mind you the phone’s price was $150, their deductible was $100 so I told them they should just charge me another $50 and re-connect the phone. They would not do it, I expressed my discontent at the high cost of the insurance deductible, 2/3 the original cost. This is not doing a service to their customers. I had to call and say I was taking my 5 phones business elsewhere for someone to come on the line and say when I denied acceptance of the shipped phone with a tracking number they would connect it. All this happened on Tuesday 5pm; otherwise they would not have connected it until it got back to the warehouse on Thursday. Incredible inept even criminal way to treat their customer, oh yea, on Monday I called 8am as instructed by then the phone had shipped next day so again my daughter who is on the road all day with her own phone could not use it.

Aug 06, 2014

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