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My current bill with T-Mobile, I believe, is improper due to the following persistent, recent service problems:

1. My daugther, who recently switched from another cell carrier to my T-Mobile family plan and had no service problems with her previous cell carrier, states the following concerning her T-Mobile phone service:
"The problems I've been experiencing with T-mobile have been outrageous. Within the first week of coming on to my father's family plan (just him and I), T-mobile managed to 1) mess up my order, 2) charge my dad for 3 extra phone lines, 3) send my phone to the wrong address, 4) didn't inform me that it could only have been sent to my dad's (billing address), and 5) be rude to me when I called to complain about their mistake. It took awhile to actually talk to someone that heard me out and actually fixed my problems.
As if that wasn't enough to make me dislike T-Mobile, I started using my new phone in my room and noticed that the service is so poor. This shocks me because before using this phone in the exact same room I was using an AT&T phone, and the service was PERFECT. Since I have switched to T-Mobile I have experienced poor service in the SAME ROOM, barely receiving 1 bar ever. I'll try to make a call and it won't let me, saying "no network" or "emergency calls only". This means that there is no signal, so my choice is to either press the send or call key until it actually goes through (which is usually about 25 times if it decides to work) while waving it around the room to find a signal, or walk all the way upstairs to where there is at times service. This problem prevents me from receiving calls and texts, either never or hours later from when they were sent.
My point is, since I switched plans, I have been, 1) paying more with T-mobile, 2) experiencing poor/no service, 3) conversing with RUDE employees who are no help and do not know anything about their company-- one man actually told me that the phones are sent to an address already activated, and that there is no number to call to activate the phone.. which is not true at all, because a different T-Mobile employee told me that is ridiculous and false, and that no cell phone company does that for security reasons. Therefore, my overall experience with this company has been HORRIBLE. I have never been so unsatisfied with a cell phone company in my life. And there is no excuse for having all around bad service when other carriers can pick up a signal in the exact same room, at ALL times. If there really isn't a way for the T-Mobile company to fix the quality of their service, they should reconsider their prices and inform customers of the poor quality before they decide to pay the type of money you ask for in your plans. "

2. I (the father, and one of two people, including my daughter, on my T-Mobile cell family plan), have experienced the following during the past two months: 1) poor international service where I would dial many times 5-20 times to connect, and I was charged for dropped or missed calls. I would call Customer Service and many times my pleas fell on deaf ears. My current bill is inaccurate because my international calling was not working properly, as I had to often repeatedly dial the same number, and I frequently experienced a dropped call while the phone rang. Also for a period of 2-3 weeks I was not receiving my international texts; it is fixed now. Furthermore, at home I have normally only 1 bar, and about 10% of the time I have zero bars and can't call anyone on my cell phone during period. On rare occassion I have two bars at home, but I can't recall any times when I have 3 or more bards at home.

I was recently also told by a T-Mobile supervisor named Angel that someone would return my call within 72 hours, after I complained about the above, but no call was ever returned in that period.

At this point my next step is to write to Customer Relations, and if my current bill isn't adjusted per the issues above, then I have no choice but the eventually seek another cell phone carrier.

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  • Aj
      May 15, 2013
    T - Mobile Cell Phone Service - unfair billing
    United States

    We called T-Mobile the day before our contract was up with them to be sure of when we could actually change plans due to the fact we didn't get service with them 1/2 mile from our house. We were told that we could change plans the next day. We just got a bill for $160; and we cancelled the day we were told our prior billing cycle was up. We're now told we had to give them 30 days notice. WE CALLED the day before and were TOLD by T-Mobile we could change plans the next day! This billing is completely unfair. We asked them and changed plans the day they told us we could without incurring anymore charges!

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  • Ha
      May 15, 2013

    Will avoid HN in future.

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