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T-Mobile Refusses to recognize the island of sipan as part of the United States even thoe the are a common welth of the United Sates and are under the same protections from the FCC. They are specificaly named in the FCC manual as recieving the same bennefits as the Common Welth of Virginia. The have told me several times over the cource of the last week it is not part of the Unites States and refuse to recognize it. The are now charging over $300 to my account for text and talking. The person whe have been talking to is my daughter in our fammily plan with unlimited nights, weekends and texting. There Practices are discriminitory, preditory and unlawfull. What should T Mobile tell the famillies of the service men who died in World War 2 fighting for theses islands.


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      Jul 05, 2009

    It's not a state, which is probably what T-Mobile is actually trying to tell you. You should've checked before getting a plan and then trying to convince them. I'll bet Puerto Rico has the same situation. You need to pay your bill and find another method/plan to keep in contact with your daughter.

    As for the soldiers who died in WWII, that's dispicable. You're actually going to use that as a reason why you should get credit on your phone bill? As I understand it, the U.S. freed the island from Japanese control. It's still free from Japanese (or any other country's) control. I doubt anything else would make much difference to those soliders since that's what they were fighting for.

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  •   Jul 06, 2009

    Yes, the soldiers died so you can have free calls to the Island of Sipan.

    The least you could do is show some respect to those who died and capitialize the name of the island.

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      Sep 02, 2011

    Hey, after visiting a T-Mobile Store my phone was cloned and international calls were made. Maybe someone in the store is involved in the scam. T-Mobile refused to investigate and, since, has charged me for everything but the kitchen sink. Don't use T-Mobile and if they merge with AT&T, don't use AT&T.

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