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Synchrony Bank / credit rating greedy liars when applicable

1 United States

To whom this may concern;
Re; Methuselah M Shama and Grace M Shama
Concerning Violations of our Civil Rights;

We the above named couple are coming back to you on the erroneous and false reporting of our credit rating.
To begin with about 10-12 years ago we had a Lowes credit card and were trying to trim our budget for retirement so we turned in the credit card. Last month or so we noticed a couple of leaks in our roof and so we called Lowes and a salesman came out and gave us a bid of a little over $17, 000.00 to have our roof fixed. So naturally I went to the store I had already bought several thousand dollars' worth of stuff over the years to get a credit card to help with my repairs. Both I and my wife signed up for one and it was turned down in a matter of minutes and now here a week or so later we finally get a response why.
Now I only see 2 reasons why this would be as follows;
1. The first is because I am a veteran and I receive 80 % disability for the same and Lowes has put me as a risk of paying back my debt and in the process has lied and assaulted our character.
2. The second is, A few months back we applied for an Amazon card and received one in the mail. The only thing I bought was a hard drive because I didn't need anything else at the time. But on the first months bill there was a charge for something else. So we called Amazon and they took it off. The very next bill we got and that same charge was on it again. So I decided not to go through that every month so I cancelled the credit card which was issued with Synchrony Bank. They did not want us to get rid of the card and tried to get us to keep it but then I have bought from Amazon for over 15 years so kept the Amazon account but opted to continue as a pay as you go person and it has worked well.
However about a year ago I bought a newer car in Columbus Ohio and it was financed with Huntington Bank who said my credit score was well over 700 at the time. Just last month I talked to my banker here in WV and he offered to give me a better rate than Huntington was giving me on my car and I got a rate of 4% which was 2% less and several hundred dollars over the life of the loan.
Then last week or so I bought another used car in Marietta Ohio and my banker financed it for the same rate and I have a copy where this same Experian says my credit score dated on 12-21-18 is 757. Also on that same date TransUnion and Equifax reported close or similar scores.
But I get this letter where I have applied at Lowes and they say this same Experian is saying my score is 445. I'll send you a copy that I will present at our time in court if you wish so now then let me know.
But to beat all that right after we got that turn down from Lowes we went into Parkersburg WV to the Home Depot there and applied for their card and was immediately approved.
What you have done at Lowes is unlawful and illegal and if I don't receive a response from Lowes to these allegations legal action will follow.
I am a disabled American veteran and was happy to go and do my part. I am now 74 years old and have been a Pastor of a church for over 10 years and a member of the DAV.
What you are doing defrauding me as you are will not go unnoticed in this world.
Maybe you can shed some light to the judge and jury on how our scores dropped that much in that length of time without you using some sort of misaligned prejudices.
I respectfully submit this letter before I file legal action to give you time to repent of your evil ways. I will wait for 10 days before I file legal action for you to respond.
The book of Job says it like this:
Job 38: 1 Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,
2 Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?
3 Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.

Methuselah Martus Shama

Jan 12, 2019

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