Superior Ford / Poor Ethics

1 169 plymouth, Plymouth, MN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (763) 559-9111

I bought a car from this dealership. They accepted my offer and took a deposit. I got a call from the sales person the next day telling me I better get there quick and have the money or the manager was going to sell the car a had money down on to someone else willing to pay more. I had asked them to look into a potential issue with the alignment, and when I got there they told me I better take it as is or they would sell the car to the other guy.

In the end I walked away, I would not do business with a dealership like this. Superior Ford is the worst dealership in Minneapolis. I have bought a Ford from Bloomington since. I almost didn't buy a Ford because of Superior. I think Ford would be doing themselves a favor if they pulled there franchise. The General Manager is a dirtbag car salesman who gives all car sales people a bad name.

Do yourself a favor and buy from one of the good dealers in MN and stay clear of Superior. They will use ever dirty car sales trick to rip you off if possible. They tried with me.

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