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I walked into the Supercuts on bell rd and 165th Ave at 6:20 pm in what was the Albertsons shopping center and they turned me down for service because the stylist was going to go on lunch she said even though they close in 40 minutes This is the second time I have be refused service at this location because of how close I get there to closing time and this location is right by my house and I will refuse to go to this location again and I will not recommend this location to any of my friends or family It's sad because I think if the people working there weren't so worried about leaving at 7:00 they could of kept my business and my four kids businessSee Top 10 Worst Companies in Surprise, AZ.

May 17, 2017
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      May 18, 2017

    Didn't you explain to the employee just how [protected]@mn special you are??? Lol, you really think it's all about you and to hell with the employees who would like to leave work on time and get home to their families. I bet Supercuts doesn't even pay their employees their paltry $8 an hour to stay late!

    STOP GOING AT CLOSING and you won't have this freakin' problem! Good grief, what is wrong with you that you think you are entitled to make a business stay past close?!! I am guessing you are also the type that goes into restaurants 5 minutes before closing. Wonder how many special ingredients have been added to your food over the years!

    This Supercuts is open 7 days a week! If you can't get there during the week at a reasonable time, then go on the weekend. OR better yet, go somewhere else! Go to Great Clips! It's cheap, like Supercuts, there are 4 in your area and they are open till 9pm. There's a Sports Clip, also on Bell Rd, they are open till 8pm. Go there! But stop whining about Supercuts!!!

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