Supercuts / haircut

Went in to Supercuts and fit a haircut, paid with debit card, the next day I was charged two times the $17.50 I owed. I called the shop and they told me to wait a day or two. I did then went in with my IPad to show the manager Flo I was charged twice on my Bank record. She looked at it and the looked at her record and said we only show we charged you once. There's nothing we can do to help you, go talk to your bank. I said you can clearly see you charged me twice. Flo the manager must be an uneducated grade school drop out. Told Flo I'd been coming there for years and I won't be back. Flo said have a nice day.
I called my bank and they took the charge off.
This store is on the corner of Warner And Cooper in Gilbert Az. Stay away...terrible customer stupid can a manager get...we pay your salary...I Won't Be Back...see ya Flo!!!

Mar 21, 2017

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