Super 8 WorldwideI payed half the amount for the next day tje nigjt befor not knowing if I was staying the next day. Well I needee ro stay

First off i am a single mother of a 8 yr old daughter the recently lost our home in a fire . i payed half fir the next night just in case we woukd be staying at 10:30the manager came down and was very rude couldnt open the safe toget mymoney out and the mager was very rude his name is Bhavesh bobby Parikh of the terre haute store he had been veryhelpful and aaccomdating up till today. I lost 30 dollars in food because he would not change myfridge so my 8 yr old dughter hadnothi g to eat .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Terre Haute, IN he had let me pay lie this 2 othr time and i have been staying her for 3 weeks withthe red cross helping me now my stuff sits outside ihabe no wi ter coat and had a seziour and hejust watched me and did nothing i never in my life been yteated as if i was a low life #### ofthe earth and that is how he made me feel i had 2 seziours and he did nothing. Wjile i was still there he had. Call from red cross not sure why he tirned into mean and heartless man cause he ws very helpful then turned on me nd told me i could go stay some wher eles. I thi k i am owed. A Apologie and compasated for my embarrassing ordeal. Sincerly.
Chritina Grayless

Jan 30, 2017

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