Super 8 Worldwidedeplorable customer service, verbally berated by manager of hotel.

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On 12/21/2018 at 8:45AM I was verbally berated and harassed by the hotel manager of super 8 hotel in Aberdeen, NC. 1408 north sandhills BLVD. I was going into the breakfast buffet area retrieving and consuming food edibles that I am entitled to as a paying customer. I was attempting to make a waffle in a waffle maker that was half busted and certainly inoperable compared to Wyndham hotels high standards of accommodation. The waffle maker was repeatedly beeping a mere 3-5 times because I could not turn over the waffle maker to retrieve the waffle that I am entitled to eating and serving myself. She yelled from around the corner of the front lobby in front of two housekeeping employees. "FLIP THE WAFFLE MAKER" "YOU HAVE TO FLIP IT, GODDAMIT WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" She gets up from her desk and walks around the corner. She does not greet me or say good morning with a smile. Her demeanor was irritable and condenscending. She threw her hands up in the air and and starts to go off on a meaningless tirade against me even though I did nothing wrong. "You come in here every morning and make a mess, why do you have to do this?" "All you have to do is flip the [censored]ing waffle maker like this" she proceeds to flip the waffle maker so I can continue, however the waffle was already burned to a crisp and not edible. I proceed to throw out the waffle and then she starts to yell that I am stupid and inept. I proceed to respectfully remind her as an employee and HOTEL MANAGER that I am entitled to the breakfast as a paying customer.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Aberdeen, North carolina, NC I then also inform her that she needs to find another job or perhaps take a few courses on customer relations and people skills. She gave me the middle finger and then walks back to her desk. Then she yells from around the corner "YOU ARE JUST SO DUMB, [censored]ING WHITE PEOPLE ARE [censored]" I proceed to walk out of the breakfast area and avoid her entirely. The other housekeepers then confront me and tell me that she is a horrible boss, promoting a hostile work environment for them and is very rude to them also. The housekeepers also claimed that this "Hotel manager" Angelique has multiple written and verbal complaints against her that were made by other guests that stayed at this establishment previously. I filed a complaint with super 8 on their customer complaint line and was told I would hear back from the hotel within 7 days. Later on the same day at 10:30Pm I was confronted by a "Night watchman" regarding the situation. The man refused to give his name but said that if I continue to cause trouble I am be ejected from the hotel with no refund on my 17 day reservation. I am staying here for 17 days at a cost of $955 USD. The man had no authority to confront me in such a negative manner and it was certainly not an official response from the hotel. If it was the offical response to my complaints, it was not positive or even a neutral response to my legitimate concerns over the lack of proper customer care/service. This hotel is supposdely a franchise and I was told by the unknown night watchman that the hotel "Does not care about my money" If the hotel does not care about my money, then how does this wretched "establishment" stay in business. AVOID THIS BUSINESS IT IS SUBPAR AND DISRESPECTFUL.

Dec 21, 2018
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      Jul 07, 2019

    We stayed here several times & the same manager threatened to kick us out because we asked for towels that were not in our room upon check in. She yelled at my bf telling him that she just checked all rooms & all rooms had bath towels. While we were waiting for the desk clerk to get us towels another guest walked in & stated he needed towels as well. The manager is ghetto & has no customer service skills at all. When we went back to check in on another reservation stay, she met us at the door & called my name & said I was banned cause I filled a corporate complaint about her & the towel situation. She is rude irresponsible manager & needs to be fired.

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