SunTrustBank / unlawfull collection calls

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I emailed their team leader numeroustimes david riggs at suntrst bank which he ignored the email agout getting help for my 2nd mort, the next day even though the loan was not due a collection call came in and then the next day the same thing.
Suntrust is going to get an attorney generals compliant against them if they dont stop when I have proof that shows the loan has been paid on time always on the 25th as usual. They instead are trying scare tactics which wont work on me and will only get them in deeper waters. Payment book clearly states pay before 25th this amout and after other amount.
It clearly shows a grace period.

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  • Ga
      14th of Apr, 2012

    If you have always paid on time why did you mention the grace period?

    What help did you request from the team leader?

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  • Ct
      14th of Mar, 2014

    I am curious, when you say due by do you pay the due by date or go even 1 day past that? Not to the point of getting a charge for being late, just are you not paying on or by the exact date? Anytime a loan comes due say it is the 1st of each month, if it isn't paid on the 1st, most banks have a system that automatically will start calling folks as a reminder. One day late is all it takes. Now, as a courtesy, banks will usually give you additional days (considered a grace period) in which you would not have to pay any fees for paying late but that has nothing to do with getting a reminder call. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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