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Suntrust Banks / teller window procedures

1 Virginia Beach, VA, United States

On 4/3/18, my wife visited a Suntrust branch to conduct a large withdrawal. She was withdrawing $8000 from the bank in cash and had to conduct the transaction at the window where others are in plain view and hearing. While others may not know the amount, you can somewhat get an idea if you are at the teller window and it takes you some time to count that amount. She wasn't sure if the amount was correct because she was afraid to stand at the window and manually count the amount due to being in open/plain view of others conducting banking business at the window and waiting in line behind her. I was shocked to find out from your Bank manager that this is the normal way of conducting business for such a transaction. I informed her that I would of thought your branch would refer the customer to one of the customer service reps in a office, take the withdrawal slip, gather the money and provide a private place to count such a large amount prior to departing the bank. Afterall, regardless of whether the teller had the machine count the money, show the customer the amount indicated, that still does not mean that a counting error can be made. Machines do fail sometimes.

At any rate, it is my opinion that such a procedure for this transaction put my wife at risk and our home at risk.

If it were not for another Suntrust branch conducting business totally different when I had a large transaction to withdraw, I would probably not be writing this complaint. I sincerely, think that training and procedure needs revamping for this particular branch.

Apr 4, 2018

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