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Subway Restaurant, Ecospace, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore / subway quality bad

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I have had subway food in india, singapore, shanghai, hk and in australia. And always what I like is the same quality standards they maintain in all the places. But surprisingly very close to my work place, I have a subway, who consistently dont deliver what is standard... Its always sub standard. First of all, they dont have what they declare on the menu. Secondly they dont have stock of the stuff they say they have!!

This is to inform you that the subway located in ecospace, on outer ring road in bangalore, the quality of food has completely deteriorated in the standards that subway serves. Today evening we ordered for delivery of 2 vegie delights, 2 spicy italian and 2 vegie delight salads. Some were ordered without onion and cheese.

But to our surprise we found that the food delivered did not have olives at all! And they had given red jalapenos and not the usual salt water dipped green jalapenos! This is the second time they have done this.

What I have observed is that the quality from this restaurant is deteriorating day by day. Even the fork that was given this time was so bad in quality that we could not pick salad using this, as it would bend!

I think with the kind of money subways in india are charging, they should maintain certain international quality standards.

I have complained to their international office, lets hope they will improve and give what they claim at this place.

Thanks and regards
Mohan urs

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  • So
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    After seeing uk channel four Super size me program on 10/1/08
    an the attitude form some americans this evening im am discusted on the word your putting out to these people, Subway is not heathy, since when has processed meat and plastic cheese been good for you?? we are talking about children as young as 13 years who are over seriously over weight, being given the wrong message here? Parents are fully responsible for there child and using obesity as a genetic disorder is discusting. You are really giving the wrong message to alot of people, dont get me wrong its not just you mcdonalds have been in the line of fire for a long time but they sell fries and burgers and an other attempt to add anything healthy to there menu is just not going to sit with these thousands of customers that eat out every night at these fast food outlets. FAST FOOD WILL NEVER EVER BE GOOD FOR YOU and thats a fact. This program shows a teenager feeling bad because her lunch money could not buy one of your valued subway meals.IS THIS FOR REAL... Sort it out not only is global warming a major issue but child obesity is also a serious problem in the us as well as the uk... only you guys and these slack arrogant parents who refuse to spend those extra pennies on keeping their children to live to the age of 40 plus can make a difference on lives. Stop thinking money and think to the future in a less selfish way, think on the impact it would have...

  • Ha
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    Dear subway,
    I am a loyal customer who goes to subway all the time and when i go I get a bottle of water, I want to recycle it but there is no place to. so I think you should have a recycle bin in every subway resraunt, for plastic,glass,and paper. That way every one can enjoy their food and save the world too. plese take this into consideration.
    Loyal customer

  • Sa
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    Hi Mohan,
    I totally agree on you. I had bad experience in the below places in India. There's no quality control in India even in restaurents. Last night they served my a rotten fish in kolkata-CB's Adda in salt lake sec5. They made me pay for that too. Here we cannot do anything even if they serve ###. This is what i learnt. There's nothing we can do except complaing on the net. Hey all Indians, Please let me know if anything can be done fast/simple and also effective for this kind of issues. We Indians cando nothing... There are lots of imported food which doesn't comply with indian norms (Means the food imported is not even safe a the taste) is all dumped and consumed. What is happening with the once's who suppose to control all this? They have to realise that even their childern eat it at some point.

    1. Outer Ring Road - Bangalore
    2. Hi - Tech Hyderabad
    3. Salt lake sec5 - Kolkata

  • Pr
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    Is there any body who is monitoring or controling what the people are eating in bangalore, i dont think so coz most of the food joints in bangalore dont have even a licence. I question is there any body who is recieving salary from the Govt. of India/Karnataka (from the people) for a control & how much they are cappable.

  • Su
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    There is a similar situation of pathetic road condition and transport facilities even at
    ELECTRONIC CITY PHASE-2, which has local strength of more that 10000 peoples.
    The main road which lead to ELECTRONIC CITY PHASE-2 is not having a Tar road.
    Where we have great MNC companies like Mahindra satyam, TCS, GE, TATA BP SOLAR, HICAL, CONZERV and many more.
    Even the BMTC bus transport facilities is not provided..people have to walk more than 1km to main road(hosur road) to catch a bus

    It is our humble request to the concerned authorities to take the necessary actions to provide us the basic necessties

  • So
      17th of Jan, 2010
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    i'm a regular of subway and my regular favourite is Subway-Veggie Delight, with Honey and oat bread, cheese and all veggies. i luv the service and subway taste at jubilee hills and begumpet stores, but when i went to prasads IMAX cinema to watch Sherlock holmes yesterday night, we thought of having subway in the same complex, but i was surprised at the way the boys there are making the sub, one Mr. Reddy is so ill mannered and lack complete knowledge in making the sub, he is very untidy and we hate the way he spoke to us, we were not informed that the store is running out of cheese, but after it was done i asked him that he didnt spread the cheese slices, instead of being sorry he responded that he informed us that cheese is not there in the store, we were surprised as to when did he informed us about it, later when i asked that how can u charge us the same price for the sub when there is no cheese in my sub, he shouted back on me saying that, its the rule and if i have any complaints go and complaint to whomsoever i want, i really hated this perticular subway store and i will rather never prefer to visit this store, and if no action being taken i wud rather suggest everyone around my friends not to visit this store. i want and immediate action against this and i'm really not happy with the way the boys there are behaving with customers.its very rude and ill treatment, which i never expected.

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