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Employees who work currently or who quit and are still owed a paycheck are not getting paid on time and/or are not able to cash their paychecks once they receive them. This is 100% illegal in the state of Missouri. The owner Keith Bruns and the district manager who is in charge of payroll, Jessica Cagle never have enough money put into the payroll account so when come payday all their employees are able to cash their paychecks without hassle.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Eureka, CAThis is another thing that is 100% illegal in the state of Missouri. And when employees go to Keith or Jessica and ask for assistance in cashing their paycheck they get yelled at by them or put off and told to wait for a few days, or are made to feel as if they are in the wrong for needing their paycheck cashed. I would not eat and support the Eureka and Pacific Subway locations, because the employees who are or have made costumers sandwhiches and food are not getting paid come their payday.

May 19, 2017
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      May 19, 2017

    Has anyone contacted the State's Labor Board/Labor Commission?

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