Subway / employee lack of knowledge of sandwich standards

Oregon City, OR, United States
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My teens love, love, love Subway and they always get the same sandwiches. A footlong turkey and pepperoni has 8 slices of turkey and 6 of pepperoni. Last night, your employee made my son's sandwich with 7 slices of turkey and 5 of pepperoni. I corrected her, and she did throw on another slice of turkey. I know in the grand scheme of world affairs this isn't a big deal, but two things irritate me: 1) based on this particular employee's overall behavior during our visit (she never greeted us as we literally stood right in front of her for a couple minutes while she restocked the meats; she put on gloves then wiped her nose with her gloved hand right before starting our sandwiches), she had no clue how much of anything goes on a sandwich which says not much training is happening, and 2) if employees skim off one piece of meat from each sandwich in a day, that's a lot of savings for the store! At the end of the transaction, I asked to speak to a supervisor. I just wanted to say that this employee doesn't seem to know the meat standard for making a sandwich - I get less meat but still pay the same price. But because there had been an issue with the total at the end of our visit - my sandwiches cost $21.00, but the employee rang up $30.00 and I had to add each sandwich up for her several times to get her to re-ring it correctly - she assumed I wanted to see a supervisor because of that and snarled at me "you do what you gotta do" when I said I'd call for a supervisor the following day since there was no supervisor in the store that evening. So my complaint is: there's a meat standard, so please train your employees to observe it Consistency is key at a fast food restaurant. And my suggestion is: post a cheat-sheet sandwich guide for standards above the preparation area. Thank you!

Jan 10, 2017

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