Subwaybad customer service/ hair in my food

I went in and the lady made me a sandwich with hair in it, she then made me another one due to the fact there was hair in my sandiwich, but in the other one there was more hair. Then I asked the lady if I could just get another sandwich or a refund but she said she has to get permission from the manager. They made me wait an hour, because the managers were not available. Finally the manager called the lady back that was working and they said "make him another sandwich" then the lady said "I did" and they refused to give me a new one.then I got upset and asked them if I could just get my sandwich and they refused to give it to me. Then the lady called the police on me to leave because I got upset. I was escorted out by a he police at the end. Did not get a new sandwich and did not get a refund. I paid 8$ just to have the police called on me.


Jun 10, 2018

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