Structube / store service appalling! they have lost my custom of $4000!!

Oakville, ON, Canada
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Been into store a few times to look at furniture and spent considerable amount of time in there working out what furniture we want in our new home. Spoke to Gabriel and Chris at Oakville stores, and been waiting for them to call us back with regards to a bed that they have on sale in the store, but has a big chip in, they advised it could potentially be better discounted, as such we held on our order pending their confirmation of this.

I've had to call them twice now for an update, they are rude, and obnoxious and not interested in helping. We were going to buy two beds, a sofa, night stands, chairs, and a few other items from there over $4000 worth, however, I would rather throw my money down the drown than give them our custom, if its that hard before we have ordered the furniture how bad will it be if there is an issue or waiting for delivery. No confidence they clearly have too many customers to cope with demand, or job satisfaction to care!! Disgraceful. I won't be going back to Structure, its a shame because I feel like the products are fairly decent.

Nov 28, 2017

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