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I called your customer service department this morning (5/10) at 11:00am. I spoke to a customer service representative (did not get his name, but he was heavily accented) to update my credit card information and to purchase new airtime for my phone (current service expired at midnight on 5/10/10). I spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with this customer service rep (23 minutes) while he was supposedly updating my credit card information and assisting me with logging in to my online account. since I had 12 hours left of my current airtime, he suggested that I wait until approximately 11:00pm, then log into my account at straighttalk, and proceed to purchase the new airtime, so there would be no interruption of service; so I could utilize the remaining time on my previous service card. upon logging into my account, I found that the customer service rep had not updated my credit card information, and by that time the customer service department had closed (he also failed to mention that they closed at 10pm) and I was unable to purchase airtime, thereby resulting in the interruption of my telephone service. he mentioned that if there was a service interruption, that there was no guarantee that I would retain my current phone number.

As far as I am concerned, this is totally unacceptable and shoddy customer service. what was the point of spending 23 minutes on the phone to ensure that my credit card information was validated and updated, when in fact he failed to do so? this has created a huge inconvenience for me, and I will take my business to another service provider if this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction. I will call your "customer service" department again first thing in the morning to resolve this issue, and I fully expect to retain my current phone number, since my lapse in coverage was totally through the negligence of your customer service rep and through no fault of my own.

Doris c.

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  • Ph
      6th of Jun, 2010

    STRAIGHTTALK IS AWFULL. Don't waste your money or time, no matter what they promise they will not get it right or conduct business fairly.

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