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I bought a Straight talk phone Jan. 25th. My phone number was suppose to be "ported" from my Trac Phone which irroniclly is their company! I had to wait 3 days to even get service, and once I did, I only had it for a week. It quit working on a Friday, and I was told by Phillipe, Julio, and Juan " please allow us 24 to 48 hours to fix this" FOR 5 DAYS THAT IS ALL I WAS TOLD!! The kicker is I have now purchased 3-$45 cards in hopes that this would be fixed. Man was I ever wrong! It is day 6 and 1:30pm my time- I have been on hold since 8 am and disconnected 4 times and STILL nothing!! I am to the point where I am going to run over my phone and put it in a Valentines Day card and send it to them with love! This was suppose to be cheaper than trac-Phone and much better, but all its been is acurse! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE TO ANYONE! NOT EVEN MY WORSE ENEMY

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      18th of Apr, 2010

    i brought 2 of these phone for me and my wife. also brought 2 30dollars card. we had a verizon cell before it works really good, but i have to pay around 53 dollars every month to get 450 mins, 250 msgs, for one phone, but now i only pay 60 for two and both have 1000 mins and 1000 msgs. so it seems a good deal for me.
    i actived my phone with a new number, it was ok, nothing really happened.
    but when i actived my wife's phone with our old verizon numer, then it just could not work. however, i thought i might have to wait, but i waited for days it still not work. so then i try to call the support from stright talk, for the most of the time, i can't really understand what the people talking about, i think they are talking to me from somewhere in India. and then, everytime i call, its the same answers: ask my name and number, then give me a case number and tell me they need talk to supervisor, so i was on hold, and then tell me call back 24-48 hours. so just like that, the journey begins. i been calling everyday for almost the past week, everything i call, i get the same route, even i tell them my case number, they still ask me my name and phone number, and samething they put me on hold to talk to their supervisor, then tell mewait for 24-48 hours. this must been the longest 24-48 hours in my life. i ask them will i get the same answer next time? they just choose to not answer that and keep telling me to check back 24-48 hours, so i never get answer from them.
    so now i kind of lost in this situation, and don't know what to do. people and friends been calling me on my old number and of course, no one gets through.
    i just hope someone can tell me what should i do.

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