Straight Talk / broken phone

6600 jefferson ave , Newport News, VA, United States

my wife purchased me a phone for my birthday last august and it comes with a one year manufactures warranty.the front camera stopped working recently and i have tried using LG customer service ( its an LG optimus showtime phone) and thied everything
and finally i was told i would have to contact walmart for a replacement phone.I went to walmart with my phone my reciept and a copy of the one year warranty, walmart says they only have a 14 day warranty on phones for straight talk...great eh??how many phones break or quit working in the first 14 days?Customer service at this walmart is the worst i have ever seen as the customer service reps could barely speak proper english and i had to decipher ebonics once again but recieved no resolution to my i went to the electronics dept where i was met with the same rudeness and indifference needless to say i will be switching carriers and will never set foot in a walmart store for ANYTHING.Straight talk had been good up until you ask them to honor a warranty.User beware!!!

Mar 13, 2014

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