Steers Showgate Bloemfonteinincorrect order twice in one day same order

Good day.

I've oderdered Steers on Friday 1 June 2018 at 14:30. If im not mistaken my ricket number was #28 but did give this to the manager on duty when i contacted him telephonically.

Stood in Drive Thru gue for 45min before ordering a XXXL Cheesy chips and a Rave burger. Got home to spoil the kids from school and found that there was no cheese sause on the chips. Contacted tge manager and he said i should go and collect the newe order which i couldnt do so he suggested it to be delivered which i agreed to.

When the delivery guy came to my house after another 30min he brought a XL chips and only relized that the one i bought earlier was a XXXL CHEESY chips and had to go back and correct the order ONCE AGAIN which also only came after 45min. Needless to say the kids were irriatble hungry and. Their luch turned out to be part of dinner.

This is unacceptable i never even received a call from the manager to appologise for the 2ND INCORRECT ORDER😠😤

This wasnt the first time that we have received poor service from Steers Showgate last month we bought 3 Wacky wednes day one burger with advocado and when we got home there were no advocado and was on the receipt and paid for.

This is also the reason why i suggested sending back the XXXL Cheesy chips so they wont be able to say we hate the chips and they didnt make a mistake.

It is really sad to have these experiences time after time at a place which food is suppose to of top flamed grill quality. Wanting to treat the kids every month with their favorite take out place STEERS but after being dissapointed them Over and over is unacceptable. This is a bad outlook for Steers from our kids to even have to deal with incompetence and them being your future customers.

No Steers please step up your game. Your food is delicious and of great standard but you are slacking big time these days!!!

Jun 03, 2018

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