Steers / service is pathetic

After ordering, and awaiting a table to be seated at, standing at the door for 20 mins, whilst others sitting at the tables having meetings, whilst being paying customers of an ice cream cone, sitting on their phones and so on, then i go to the cashier to ask him to change my order to a take away, as these people wouldnt just move, maybe it was the airconditioning, waited another 15 mins, and still to no avail, im standing and waiting, went back to the cashier, only to be told, i must wait for another 15 mins..
Ive been a steers customer for years on now at the durban stores, but this experience at the Umtata Plaza branch is really pathetic, recieved the wrong order after another 18 mins, and being in my car en route Durban, i wasnt to turn back.

Upset Burger

Apr 20, 2016

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